September 26, 2021

School Daze

[jessica]So I recently had to go back to school shopping like millions of others. School started September 1st for us, so I did my shopping about 2 weeks prior around mid August.

Yes the supplies had been out since July, but I did not think it was necessary to shop that early and have to store things for 3 children for 2 months!

I was a little surprised and disappointed by the selection and prices of items this year. First of all I have no problem providing supplies for my children.

I would much rather do this to help the school’s budget, then for them to have to cut sport and music programs.

My complaint is geared more towards the whole “supply in demand” theory, and what the stores were charging for certain items.

I started at Target and literally became angry when I saw how little was left in the school supply section with still 2 weekends to go before school started!

I asked if they would be getting more supplies in and they said no. They were seriously out of pencils already! This was just unacceptable to me so I moved my venture across the street to Wal-Mart.

There I found, in my opinion, some amazing deals and some complete rip-offs! I spent $125 on supplies for a 2nd grader, a kindergartener, and one in preschool, so keep in mind I had to buy multiples of most items.

Below I will review the prices along with some of my thoughts of course!

*Pencils– 0.94 for a pack of 24 (fabulous)
*2 Pack of Pink Erasers– 0.97 (awesome)
*Glue Sticks– 0.40 for a 2 pack (wonderful…but why they need 6 of them is a little bit of a mystery to me)
*Dry Erase Markers– 3.47 for a 4 pack (this seems a bit like a teacher supply but hey I appreciate the teachers a lot)
*8 Count Watercolors– 0.97 (splendid)
*88 Count Construction Paper– 1.97 (not bad)
*Folders– 0.97 each (perfect…especially nice they had children’s movie themed folders that made the little ones jump up and down for joy)
*Pencil/Crayon sharpener– 0.97 (fine)
*Glue– 0.40 (love it)
*Hand Sanitizer– 1.98 (that’s alright I am all for killing germs)
*Pencil Box– 0.57 (totally cool)
*Scissors– 1.47 (they better not break)
*Sharpie 2 pack– 2.47 (Uh sharpies are no-no’s at home)
*Markers– 0.99 (good)
*Colored Pencils– 0.74 (even better)
*Crayons– 0.40 (great)
*Ruler– 0.50 (nice)
*Washable Markers– 1.99 (does it really cost them more to make them washable?)
*Lunch Bags– 8.97 (respectable I can understand that)
*Generic 3 pack of Tissues– 4.99 (only need one thanks to the 3 pack…yay)
*Generic roll of Paper Towels– 0.99 (still in high spirits)
*Generic small box of Sandwich Bags– 2.49 (this is going to start adding up)
*Generic small box of Quart Sized Bags– 2.99 (losing my happy buzz)
*Generic small box of Gallon Sized Bags– 2.99 (I think I just fell off cloud 9)
*Twin pack of Generic Disinfectant Wipes– 6.59 (times 3…mommy is gonna need some wine)
*Hand Soap– 1.24 (okay that’s better)
*Hand Soap Refill– 4.77 (really…like they are even going to use the soap if the teacher isn’t looking!)
*Extra Strength Tylenol– 2.98 (not on the list but now I need it so it must be counted)

Seriously though I just found it a little strange that some of these everyday items, once moved back to the school supply section go up in price! It’s been a couple weeks now and really I am over it.

Another payday will come and we will recover. Okay in all honesty once I had to shop for backpacks and clothes I longed for that $125 receipt again!


  1. Roianne T Massa says

    In Target’s defense. We ran out of pencils about 8 times before it was all said and done. 😉

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