August 1, 2021

Search Warrant Results in 7 Arrests

On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, agents with the West Metro Regional Drug Enforcement Office and Investigators with the Heard County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at 4794 Glenn Road, Franklin, Ga.

Both agencies conducted a joint investigation regarding stolen property and manufacturing of methamphetamine at the residence. The stolen property had been taken from local residences within the Heard County area.

Officers made contact with several people at the residence. During the execution of the search warrant, investigators and agents located several stolen items, a large amount of methamphetamine along with an active meth lab. The meth lab was located inside a building behind the residence.

Arrested Individuals

Darryl Keith Pike, 49, Charged With: Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Possession Of A Firearm By A Convicted Felon, Theft By Receiving Stolen Property And Possession Of Methamphetamine Withintent To Distribute.

Julie Ann Pike, 51, Charged With: Manufacturing Methamphetamine And Theft By Receiving Stolen Property.

Jennifer Pike, 43, Charged With: Manufacturing Methamphetamine.

Roger Kenny Pike, 53, Charged With: Manufacturing Methamphetamine.

Ronnie Lee Rice, Jr., 38, Charged With: Manufacturing Methamphetamine And Theft By Receiving Stolen Property.

Travis Lee Braham, 22, Charged With: Manufacturing Methamphetamine.

Taylor Kendall Olson, 19, Charged With: Manufacturing Methamphetamine.

“This case confirms that drugs and burglaries and thefts go hand in hand. Where you have one the other is bound to be right there with it. We were able to recover numerous farm equipment type items including tillers and box blades and were able to remove a large quantity of illegal narcotics off the streets.” ~ Heard County Sheriff Ross Henry. 


  1. John Roberts says

    GREATJOB by our Law enforcement folks, The citizens who know about these kinds of things MUST call and report them. Hand in hand working together to rid the County of such trash. The courts should take the property and auction it off. ban these folks from ever living in Heard County again. CLEAN UP HEARD COUNTIES REAL TRASH PROBLEM!

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