December 3, 2020

Selmah Bowen presented Woman in History Award

(Franklin, GA) — Members of the James Stewart Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution were pleased to honor one of their own members at their meeting on October 14.

Selmah Yates Bowen was presented the 2017 NSDAR Woman in American History Award.

The emphasis of Women in American History is on the role of women, past and present, in American history. DAR Chapters are encouraged to select a notable woman from their state or community to honor.

Woman in American History Award Recipient Selmah Bowen with children: Cathy Warren, Greg Bowen, and Pam Kulisek (Photo: Eliza Chapman)

Women chosen for this recognition are women who have made a contribution or a difference in their communities.

They are, or have been, intellectual, educational, social, religious, political, scientific, or cultural innovators.

We were pleased that all Selmah’s children were there to support their mother.

The award was presented by Regent Carla Brown.

Regent Brown described Selmah as “… a treasure, just like the museum in which she still works at age 83.”

Selmah helped to restore the Heard County Museum and Historical Center in 1987 and has coauthored several books with other members from the Heard County Historical Society.

At one time she worked for the Census bureau. She served as Registrar for the citizens of Heard County from 1990-1998.

She chartered and became the first president of the Heard County United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1996 with 23 members. Today the chapter has 41 members. She also filled the treasurer position several years in the chapter.

The NSDAR James Stewart Chapter of Heard County also enjoyed having her serve as treasurer. The William Wofford Chapter of Colonial Dames XVII is also glad to have her as a member. The Heard County Historical Society has been influenced by her talents and officer positions to keep it thriving.

Selmah’s mission is to devote her time and energy in preserving as much history about Heard County and its people as she can, so that future generations can enjoy learning about their ancestors and their way of life.

“Her knowledge is limitless and Heard County is fortunate to have A woman like Selmah dedicated to its history, “ Regent Brown said.

JSC member Sharon Frost also spoke about Selmah, saying she has “enjoyed working with Selmah and appreciates her willingness to share so much with me.”  She talked about all the support Selmah has given her when she joined the Heard County Historical Center and Museum staff.

Members and guests enjoyed a program on “Ancestry and DNA”  presented by Julia Saint and refreshments followed  the award presentation.

Those in attendance were members Beverly Baker, Jane Barker, Carla Brown, Selmah Bowen, Eliza Chapman, Teresa Chapman, Tee Davis, Sharon Frost, Paige Harrod,  Mary Lane, Pamela Lyle, Joyce McLain, Julia Saint, Melba Templeton, Cathy Warren, Marifaythe Whitley, and Mary Worth.

Visitors were DAR member Bonnie Baker, JSC prospective member Carolyn Turner and her grandson Darren Evans, and Selmah’s children – Greg Bowen, Pam & Tom Kulisek, Cathy and Dennis Warren.

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