August 1, 2021

September 11th Monument Unveiled

A large group of Heard County citizens gathered at 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning to witness the unveiling of the new Public Safety Memorial Monument at the Heard County Public Safety Complex on Hwy 100.

The monument, which features an actual steel beam from the twin towers which were brought down by terrorists on September 11, 2001, was completed by talented brick artist Mr. Larry Cannon from Phenix City, AL.

The gorgeous sculpture was unveiled in a ceremony which featured several guest speakers including Heard County Fire Chief Scott Blue, Heard County Commission Chair June Jackson, Heard County Sheriff Ross Henry, Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah, and Georgia Representative Randy Nix.

In addition, the Invocation was given by Reverend Noel Forrester and the Benediction was presented by Reverend Scott Hannah.

A moment of silence took place during the ceremony at precisely 8:46 a.m., which coincided with the time that the first tower was struck exactly ten years earlier.

This was followed by the ringing of five bells three times which is used to honor deceased firefighters.

Chief Blue spoke about the long and arduous three-year process that took place to secure the piece of steel for the monument.

The monument itself features four unique sides. The side facing towards the main highway features the United States Flag with the twin towers in the background.

The right hand side which faces towards animal control exhibits two firefighters saving a life from a burning building.

The left hand side facing the sheriff’s office and jail contains two badges one for a Heard County Deputy Sheriffs and another for a Franklin Police Officer which tops an image of an officer helping a small child.

Perhaps the most meaningful part of the monument locally is the back side which is designated to honor our local public safety officers who have passed away during the line of duty.

Two names were already in place this morning and those were Volunteer Fireman John W. Folds who passed away January 26, 1990 and of course Deputy Willie A. Cammon who was killed in an automobile accident earlier this year.

Also a part of the monument are three flags which Chief Blue stated would be flown at half-staff anytime a public safety officer is lost in the line of duty anywhere in the United States.

The Heard County Honor Guard was also on hand at the moment of the unveiling. This honor guard included Firefighters Lieutenant Willie Bradfield, Captain Tom Salls, Daniel Williams, Chad Harris, and Adam Madison as well as Sheriff’s Deputies Johnathon Nelms and Jim Porter.

The ribbon was cut for the unveiling by Heard County Commission Vice Chairman Sandi Allen.

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