November 26, 2020

Sharolette Rogers to Represent at USTA Sectional

Courtesy of Chris Fernsler/Troup County News

(Lagrange, GA) — The 43-year-old tennis player from LaGrange has the “it” factor. Sharolette Rogers has the intangibles that all great players possess. This lady goes the extra mile. She works while other athletes rest.

Rogers pushes herself to the brink of exhaustion with enviable skills. Maybe that is why she was putting herself through a one-hour personal workout on Sunday night at the Ann and Don McCluskey Tennis Center.

Nobody made Rogers hit the ball well into the night. But that is what separates the 5-foot-4 Rogers from most of the other players. Rogers wants to win every practice and every match. The lady has high tennis standards from head-to-toe.

“I’m a net player. They call me ‘The Shark.’ I’m aggressive, and I’m a competitor. My cousins can’t beat me (anymore),” said Rogers.

That isn’t surprising. What this tennis star is all stressed and straining for is the United States Tennis Association Sectional Tournament, which is on the calendar for Oct. 16-18 in Jackson, Miss.

Rogers will be one of seven players from the Chattahoochee Area Tennis Association  to play in that tournament against 40 and over teams from the Southeast.

“It’s going to be nerve-racking, and it’s going to be fun. We’re just going to compete. We have a pretty good chance (of winning). There won’t be any easy matches. All of the teams will be good,” said Rogers.

So what is it going to take for the LaGrange women to win and advance?

“We need to find a competitive edge, and in tennis it isn’t over until it’s over,” said Rogers.

Sharolette Rogers (Photo: Troup County News)

She is one of the mainstays. Losing is not something that Rogers considers. She is a confident lady, at practice and in the tournaments.

“Tennis fuels me. I hit the ball hard, and I’m quick,” said Rogers. “Every point matters, and our team is going as far as we can.”

The LaGrange ladies think they can win it all at the Sectional, even with some stiff competition from Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

With the help of Rogers it could be an enjoyable trip for the LaGrange tennis team. All of the matches will be doubles. Rogers will team up with either Debbie Cox or Julie Smith.

And according to one of Rogers’ local tennis buddies, “She’s good. You can tell she’s an athlete, and you can tell she has played other sports (basketball included).”

Back in the day, Rogers was an All-State guard at Heard County High School. Rogers played for the Lady Braves from 1986-90. And all these years later she has transferred some of those herky-jerky moves from the basketball floor to the tennis court.

Sharolette Rogers is still a player who fears nobody. Rogers is crafty, and she is bullish on winning. Rogers isn’t going to the USTA Sectional to lose.

“I’m just going to show up and play,” Rogers said.

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