November 26, 2020

Sheriff Henry donates Beanie Babies to Operation Keep in Touch

(April 23, 2012 OKIT Update)- Sheriff Ross Henry of the Heard County Sheriff’s Department donated hundreds of Beanie Babies and Easter Candy to Operation Keep in Touch to use in our care packages.

The beanie babies were given to the Heard County Sheriff’s Office by a very generous citizen.  A woman walked into the lobby of the Sheriff Office and simply asked if they could be used.

She then told the story of how her mother loved Beanie Babies had been collecting them for years and that she, her mother, had recently passed away leaving hundreds of Beanie Babies.

Sheriff Ross Henry and Lynn Worley of Operation Keep in Touch

Knowing how much these little Beanies meant to her mother, she wanted to see them put to good use and not thrown away. Lt. Deborah Williamson received two very large containers of beanie babies.

The Sheriff’s office used many of them as prizes at the annual Easter Egg Hunt earlier this year, but many were still left over.

After working with Lynn Worley of Operation Keep in Touch on several occasions sending left over Halloween and Christmas candy to deployed troops throughout Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan, they decided to donate them to be used in care packages for our deployed troops and good will gifts for the children of Afghanistan.

Operation Keep in Touch sends candy and small stuffed animals for the troops to use as mascots and often share their buddies with the children in the area. In turn some of these children help our troops with misc. information, such as where IED’s are located etc. This info has been known to save lives of our troops.

Also, to show Operation Keep in Touch’s appreciation to all the people in Franklin/Heard County who have volunteered, donated items, created cards and written letters for our cause, Lynn Worley of Operation Keep in Touch, presented an American Flag and certificate of appreciation to the City of Franklin.

This flag was given to Sheriff Ross Henry at the Sheriff’s office along with a certificate that stated “This American Flag was flown over Camp Marmal in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, in Honor of: The City of Franklin during Operation Enduring Freedom on the 4th of April, 2012.

This flag represents the will and resolve of the American People to protect those who cannot protect themselves; and stand strong and defeat all who attempt to bring us harm.”

A second certificate was giving to the Ross Henry for Kevin Hannah of the City of Franklin Police Department in the event anyone would like to stop in and see it.
The flag is located at the Sheriff’s office and will be raised at our annual Fourth of July celebration.

Please visit our website, and “Like” us on Facebook to see more photos of our flag and boxes of stuffed animals.

Please remember Operation Keep in Touch is 100% volunteer based and we accept all donations, items for care packages and monetary.

What we can use for our troops we send and anything we cannot, we donate to the Battered Women’s Shelter and several Humanitarian establishments to help the homeless and hungry of Heard County. Thank you for your continued support of our troops.



  1. What a great story! Those beanie babies are touching lives around the world. What an impact one woman’s hobby is having.

    I wonder if teachers ever think about the impact the children they teach will have on the world when they are sent out into the world?

    Just some food for thought….

    • HCTeacher says

      To answer your question about teachers…….I can only answer for myself, but yes I (and I am quit sure I am not the only one) think about the impact of the children we teach on the world everyday. I (we) want our students to be very successful and make a difference. But you know, it is not only up to the teachers, but the church, parents, family, friends and others play a vital role.

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