January 18, 2019

Skeletal Remains Found in Troup County

body_found(Lagrange, GA) — Unidentified skeletal remains were found near the southbound entrance ramp at Interstate-85 and Whitesville Road in Troup County late Thursday, according to a report by the lagrangenews.com.

A concerned motorist was headed down the ramp and spotted a tent in the woods adjacent to the interstate.

The motorist stopped to see if the person needed help and discovered skeletal remains inside the tent, according to Troup County Sheriff James Woodruff. The motorist called 911.

“We don’t know a whole lot right now,” Woodruff told LDN. “At this time we’re just working the crime scene. We’ll be sending the remains to the crime lab to be analyzed. There’s no telling how long they’ve been there — a long time, at least months.”

Sgt. Stewart Smith, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, said it’s far too early to tell if foul play was involved in the person’s demise. Woodruff said investigators are unsure yet if the person was male or female.

A backpack with some clothing was also found in the tent, but Woodruff said no identification had been found as of roughly 6:30 p.m Thursday.

Read more at lagrangenews.com (Credit: Tyler H. Jones)


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