July 23, 2021

Solstice publishing announces release of “The Closet” by Joseph MacNabb

(Newnan, GA) — Solstice Publishing is pleased to announce the release of “The Closet,” a psychological thriller by Joseph MacNabb of Newnan, Georgia, on May 23, 2021.

Although the setting of the book is entirely fictional, many of its aspects may be quite familiar to local residents.

In “The Closet,” 10-year-old Annie Rowan is lured away from a small-town fair by a cunning and bizarre loner with a dark obsession.

Annie’s father Will, a Methodist minister, still grieving the unsolved murder of her mother, is devastated. Who took her? Why? Was her taking random, or was she an intended target? Baffled from the start, the police seem to be getting nowhere.

In a race against time, Will digs into the past on his own to discover the kidnapper’s true identity while Annie is forced to star in an unthinkable role.

It’s a deadly play that challenges the young pastor’s faith, resilience, and wits to the limit as he fights to find and save his only child. But no matter what Will does, the terrible truth still waits for him inside “The Closet.”

Mr. MacNabb grew up in a small southern town, left it for his education and military service, and returned there to make his home, practice law, and serve as a judge. He feels that he understands its people, their eccentricities, their strengths, and their hopes.

In short, the small-town culture is in his blood and his writing, too, and it makes for good reading.

“The Closet,” his first book, is set in the fictitious town of Catalpa, Georgia, as are all of his forthcoming novels. Although not based on actual people, the characters are real in every sense of the word.

While growing in size, Catalpa still enjoys a nonurban flavor, and many consider it a highly desirable place to live.

Be forewarned, though: Like other small towns, it harbors a sinister underbelly which sometimes surfaces and stains its otherwise peaceful nature.

Joseph McNabb served as judge of the Juvenile Court of Heard County for a number of years prior to his retirement in 2012.

“The Closet” is currently available as an e-book and in print form on Amazon.

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