March 6, 2021

Special food project helping some Heard County students

Pictured above at HCES are parents (L-R): Fara Coleman, Ashley Childers, Patty Patterson, Rachel Schory, Sarah Crofts and Beth Walker (Photo: HCES)

(Franklin, GA) — HCES would like to brag on a group of parents who head up a very important project at our school.

These are the people who collect, pack and send home food bags to over 70 students each week at our school – Heard Elementary and at Heard County High School and Ephesus Elementary.

This program was originally set up by Ms. June Barber and has continued and expanded over the years.

Donations come from several area churches, parents, and local Heard County food pantry on South River Road. Special donations have also been received from the Franklin Police Department.

The students take home one grocery bag per week of food items they can prepare for themselves.

Examples of the food sent home with the students are individual juice boxes, individual containers of spaghetti-o’s, ramen noodle cups, peanut butter crackers, etc.

Items preferred are those that can be opened by students without the need of a can opener and can be heated in a microwave. Other items sent home with students when available are toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and deodorant.

From the kindness of the community and these individuals, we are able to provide students and families with bags each week, extra-large or 2 bags on long weekends or holidays.

In addition, boxes of emergency food are available for families when needed.

If anyone would like to drop off donations, please remember, these need to be non-perishable food and drinks that are individually packaged, personal toiletry items and plastic or reusable grocery bags.


  1. By the way,, this same program is being done for Heard High School, Heard Middle School, Ephesus Elementary and Centralhatchee Elementary. In total, Heard County Food Pantry supplies about 500 food backpacks per month.

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