August 1, 2021

Special Olympics Walking and Running Competition

A beautiful spring day was the setting for the 2012 Heard County Special Olympics Walking and Running competition last Tuesday at the Greenway Walking Trail in Franklin.

Mayor  Teresa Chapman welcomed all to the event and the invocation was given by the Reverend Noel Forrester of the Franklin Church of God.

The flag bearer for the day was Mr. Robert Gosdin who will be graduating from Heard High next month after spending all of his school years in the special education program in the Heard County School system.

Athlete Justin Barr from Heard Elementary led everyone in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance and Heard Middle’s Blake Timmons recited the Special Olympics Oath.

Athletes from several different age groups competed in runs and walks ranging from one kilometer up to five kilometers for the Alumni athletes (ages 22 and up).[gpslideshow]

Medals were presented to the athletes by Sheriff Ross Henry, Franklin Police Chief Kevin Hannah, and Franklin Policeman Tim Rowley. The event was organized by local director Ms. Wylene Spearman.

Heard High School Students who volunteered with the event included: Tyesha Wright, Nisha Johnson, Gracie Rowe, Orlando Burgos, Brittney Carson, Shawn Foster and Hannah Wiggins.

At the completion of the event the weary athletes enjoyed a nice lunch and some quality time on the Franklin City playground.


Heard High School (Athletes ages 16-21)

3K Run
Robert Gosdin – 1st

3K Run
Buck Dunson – 2nd
xxxxxx xxxxxx – 1st

3K Run
Dustin Momman -2nd
Joseph Davis – 1st

3K Run
Mikayla Dockery – 1st
Kady Patterson- 2nd

1K Wheelchair race
Coleby Johnson – 1st

Heard Middle School (Athletes ages 12-15)

3K Run
Kayla Combs – 2nd
Shinese Turman – 1st

3K Run
Tim Brown – 3rd
xxx xxxxx – 2nd
Blake Timmons – 1st

3K Run
Zach Hyatt – 3rd
Austin Noles – 1st
Anthony Brand – 2nd

Heard Elem. School (athletes ages 8-11)

3K Run
Chelsea Dickson – 1st

3K Run
David Farr – 2nd
Joseph Flores – 1st

3K Run
Camren Gossett – 2nd
Justin Barr – 1st

1K Walk
Nigel Echols – 2nd
Richard Grizzard – 1st

Alumni Athletes – (ages 22 and over)

5K Walk
Dennis Shaw – 2nd
Todd Hendricks – 1st

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