July 24, 2021

Spirit of Christmas Beauty Pageant Winners

[gpslideshow]2011 Spirit of Christmas Pageant

The Spirit of Christmas Beauty Pageant took place earlier tonight at the Heard County Middle School gymnasium on Old Field Rd.

The pageant, which was sponsored by some local dance competition team moms, featured 34 competitors competing in six different age groups.

The MC for the event was Mrs. Leesa Cothran, and a large audience was on hand to see which lovely ladies would be crowned as queens in the annual event.

In the Tiny Miss category which included Pre-K and Kindergarten, the winner was Ms. Deanna Hale.

In the 1st-3rd grade competition, Ms. Maggie Googe was crowned  the Little Miss Spirit of Christmas.

In the Young Miss category (4th-5th grades), Haley Bennett took home the top prize in her very first pageant.

We spoke with Haley after the pageant and she told us that although she wasn’t super excited about doing it at first, that she was indeed happy that her mom had encouraged her to do it.

We were shocked to find out that the 5th grader from Ephesus Elementary did not wear any shoes during the entire competition.

Haley’s crowning completed a well-rounded day of activities for her as she had played basketball earlier in the day scoring four points in her team’s 10-0 win over Mt. Zion.

In the Middle Miss category, a pageant veteran Ms. Kaylee Neighbors was crowned the winner. Kaylee was very excited to win and thanked her family for their support.

The Neighbors clan truly make these family events as they all play a part in helping.

Kaylee, who also won Ms. Centralhatchee Elementary in the fourth grade, was quick to credit Ms. Terri Langley for doing her hair and her older sister Nicole for handling the make-up.

Instead of heading to Disney World after the big achievement like many Super Bowl winners do,  Kaylee was excited for the family’s traditional post pageant visit to Dairy Queen in Carrollton, where she planned to have her favorite, chicken and fries.

The 6th grader also planned to top off her meal with a hot fudge sundae fit for a queen.

Cori Putzek was named the big winner of the Junior Miss division which included grades 8-10. She was crowned by last year’s winner, Ms. Abbie Padgett, who certainly lightened the mood of the audience when Ms. Cothran announced that indoor sky-diving and under water basket-weaving were two of her favorite activities.

Finally, in the Miss competition ( 11-12th grades), Ms. Spencer Ock was announced as the Miss Spirit of Christmas Queen for 2011.

Photographer Rodney East was on hand to take photos of all the girls in the competition. If you would like to order any pageant photos from him you can e-mail him at rodneyeast@ymail.com.

Check below for a complete list of all the winners. The Heard Citizen would like to congratulate all the girls who competed tonight on a great job!


Tiny Miss

Queen: *Deanna Hale*

1st Runner-Up: Cora Betts

2nd Runner-Up: Trinity Turner

Little Miss

Queen: *Maggie Googe*

1st Runner-Up: Autumn Gross

2nd Runner-Up: Emily Head

Young Miss

Queen: *Haley Bennett*

1st Runner-Up: Autumn Thompson

2nd Runner-Up: Lily Langley

Middle Miss

Queen: *Kaylee Neighbors*

1st Runner-Up: Melissa Collins

2nd Runner-Up: Melanie Cheney

Junior Miss

Queen: *Cory Putzek*

1st Runner-Up Ashlon Johnson

2nd Runner-Up: Molly Harper

Miss Spirit of Christmas

Queen: *Spencer Ock*

1st Runner-Up: Sara Gac

2nd Runner-Up: Lauren Taylor Wiggins

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