December 5, 2020

SPLOST Provides New Playgrounds for Heard County Schools

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(Heard County) — It was a memorable day across Heard County recently as 958 elementary students celebrated the addition of new playground equipment at all three elementary schools across the county.

Centralhatchee, Ephesus and Heard Elementary playgrounds have been adorned with a variety of play sets which include climbing towers, swing sets, slides, parallel bars, music maker sets and other fun equipment.

The equipment is fun, but it also helps the students to engage imagination as well as build coordination! Having a variety of play items to choose from provides an opportunity to explore and exercise at the same time!

Each school held a grand opening which included special guests and a ribbon cutting ceremony. The playground equipment was purchased with SPLOST dollars.

The students at the three elementary schools that waited patiently during opening ceremonies rushed onto the various playgrounds with delight the second they received the go-ahead, doing what happy kids love to do – PLAY!

The top-of-the-line playgrounds were designed as a place for children of all abilities to join in the fun with friends in imaginative, interactive, and dramatic play.

At the Centralhatchee grand opening, Noah Cantrell, a 5th grade student noted, “All of us want to thank our Superintendent, Jerry Prince, the Heard County Board of Education members, and everyone that voted for the SPLOST. At Centralhatchee we work hard but we also like to play hard, and this playground is lots of fun!”

Among the guests in attendance for the grand openings were Heard County Board of Education members, Superintendent Jerry Prince, Lance Wilson, Director of Student Services, and various local dignitaries.

After the ribbon was cut by various HC Board Members & balloons were released, the students were treated with extra play time and snow cones!




  1. justwondering says

    What happened to the old equipment? Was it auctioned off to the public, donated to an organization, or installed in an administrators backyard?

  2. Any/All new or used school equipment is sold at auction or should be. Maybe I’m missing something? I have purchased broken computers, old cabinets and such at the HC BOE auctions.

    I’m happy to see 958 elementary students are getting a new playground. Heard Elementary has 670 students or 70% of all three elementary schools. I suppose that Heard Elem received 70% of the funds for playground equipment. The smaller two schools have a combined total of 290 students or 30% combined (145 students at each small school ) that was divided between Epehsus and Centralhatchee. I’m glad that it is divided equally per student ratio with each school.

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