January 17, 2019

Student wins random prize draw at HCMS Book Fair

HCMS 6th Grader Alyssa Mills

(Franklin) — Alyssa Mills, sixth grade student, won the random prize drawing for the spring book fair at Heard County Middle School.

Her prize included books, Subway coupons and other fun items.

Using a web-based random number generator, her number (62) was picked Tuesday morning during The Morning Show announcements. Prizes were selected using Scholastic Dollars.

After each purchase, students put their names on a numbered line to be eligible for the random prize drawing. Next, they pulled a sucker from The Prize Station for extra chances to win Scholastic Dollars and posters.

Garrett Curbow selected the sucker with a secret orange mark to win $15 in Scholastic Dollars.

Anthony Jordan chose the red-marked sucker for a $10 Scholastic prize. Tristan Harris and Hannah Yearta chose blue-marked suckers to win $5 each.

Subway (Franklin) donated sandwich coupons (secretly marked purple). Students were excited to win the Subway prizes. Thanks Subway for making our book fair even more exciting for students!

The book fair earned more than $200 in Scholastic Dollars and $500 in cash profit. This money will be used to purchase more books, reading devices and reading incentives. ~Glovis South

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