January 23, 2022

Students Rally to Save Senior Prom for Classmate

HHS Seniors (L-R) Caitlin Hosey, Allison Crockett, Ashlyn Summerlin

HHS Seniors (L-R) Caitlin Hosey, Allison Crockett, Ashlyn Summerlin

(Franklin, GA) — Almost every young girl dreams of her senior prom but for one Heard County High School student, that amazing experience came in a very different way this year thanks to some of her caring fellow classmates.

Allison Crockett was so excited to be going to the Heard High Prom with her long time boyfriend Austin Yates held at West Georgia College on April 19, and in fact, she was already dressed and getting her hair done when she got sick at just the wrong moment.

Allison is hypoglycemic and had to be taken to the hospital after having a seizure due to her low blood sugar and ended up spending the night at home with Austin rather than at the prom with all of her friends and classmates. She was very disappointed to have missed her big night.

It seemed that all was lost as far as Allison’s prom experience until some of her best friends stepped up to surprise her. Allison’s friends and fellow seniors Ashlyn Summerlin and Caitlin Hosey along with her little sister Emily as well as Austin spearheaded an attempt to give her some sort of surprise to make up for the prom night she missed out on.

“Allison is such a great person and we just wanted to do something to make up for her missing such a memorable night in her life,” said Summerlin.

The group originally intended on just a small dinner party but as more and more people found out what they were doing, more and more people wanted to help and the event began to grow.

Their efforts eventually turned into “The Allison and Austin Prom” which was held April 26 at the Centralhatchee Community Center. About 50 people attended the impromptu surprise event including many of Allison’s friends, classmates, and teachers.

The miniature prom featured music with parents as the disc jockeys, dancing, food, and traditional prom decorations. It seemed that everyone that heard about the event wanted to contribute.

The Kroger store donated balloons for the event, the Braves football team and many faculty members donated money for food, and countless others chipped in to help create the awesome occasion.

Ironically, even Allison herself helped to make sandwiches for the event that morning  although her younger sister Emily told her they were for the homeless in Atlanta to throw her off the trail.

Allison with her prom date Austin Yates

Allison with her prom date Austin Yates

Austin was the key player in pulling off the surprise as he convinced Allison to get all dressed up for dinner that night with some friends (Kali Bailey and Blake Hardy) and then told her they needed to stop by the community center for another event that was “supposedly” being held there.

Fittingly, the finale of the night included Allison and Austin being crowned king and queen of the prom.

Allison was truly shocked and surprised by how so many in the community had come together to give her one special night.

“I had no idea so many people cared about me,” said Crockett. “Seeing that so many people worked so hard to give me the senior prom that I missed was amazing and I am so very grateful to everyone that contributed in any way. A lot of people don’t like small towns and communities but this is why Heard County is such a wonderful place and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Click here to see video of Allison’s surprising prom.



  1. makes me proud of this community and restores my faith in the younger generation

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