November 24, 2020

Students remorseful about senior prank

(Franklin, GA) — A small group of Heard High seniors are apologetic and remorseful about a senior prank that sparked some outrage on social media early this morning and the school principal is using the incident as a teaching moment.

The Heard Citizen spoke with all five of the students today to find out exactly what they were thinking when they used an American Flag as part of a what they thought would only be viewed as a prank.

Students and faculty arrived at the school this morning to see a flag spray painted with “Senior 2K18!” as part of a display.

Rumors and photos spread quickly via social media were that the flag used was the school flag but the boys say it was an old discarded flag they had found laying by a county road several weeks ago.

Many community members and even other members of the senior class found the flag to be distasteful but the boys all say they meant no harm.

Each student will serve an out of school suspension and have all volunteered for community service some of which will be completed in aid of Heard County’s local veterans at the American Legion. The boys are also going to donate a new American Flag to the legion.

School officials are trying to treat the poor decision by the boys as a learning experience for other students and even invited local veteran’s to speak this morning about the meaning of the flag.

HCHS Principal Brent Tisdale released a statement to the community about the incident via the school’s facebook page this morning soon after the boys admitted what they had done.

“It has been the practice at HCHS for Seniors to participate in Senior Pranks and, as long as there was no vandalism or damage to property, we usually handle it with a grain of salt. In fact, most times the seniors tell admin about the prank beforehand, said Tisdale “This morning, the senior prank met those requirements but clearly crossed a line by using the American Flag in the prank. I don’t believe their intention was to disrespect or insult the flag or country but that’s what happened.”

“Please know that we share the same emotion and passion that our community does for the American Flag. We have identified the students and assigned consequences. More importantly, we had a few of our local veterans come and speak to the kids about what the flag truly represents because, despite my initial anger and outrage, we want to use this as a teachable moment,” added Tisdale. “Our community is great, all kids make mistakes, and it takes a village, folks. I hope we can work together, as a school and community, to continue to love our kids despite their mistakes.”

The boys say they love America, respect the flag, and were not trying to make any political statements or cause any harm to the school.


  1. Not a prank…that’s hate and disrespect.

  2. Judy Miller says

    Thanks Heard High administration for handling this “prank” discipline so well! The punishment fits the “crime” and maybe is a lesson for these seniors and all of us! Choose wisely everyday, what you do and what you say!!

  3. Stacie Toney Denham says

    Hmm……and a very big hmm…….Sorry but I guess they are just proud of being SENIORS And used a GRAND gesture as such. I was never involved in a Senior “prank” My days and nights involved being around and helping my disabled Father…..Steve Jackson Toney. And as such……if I were to be involved in such. It would have NEVER involved spray painting a flag. The AMERICAN flag. All “I” can say is, Forgive them. For they know not what they do.

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