November 23, 2020

Sunday evening storm damages home (Updated)

(Ephesus) — A surprise storm cell Sunday evening in the Ephesus area left one home damaged and several trees down in the area of Upper Caldwell Road in northern Heard County.

Maxcine Eason was home alone with her dogs when the storm passed through at about 7:40 p.m. She described the storm as sounding like “constant thunder” as it passed by her home.

UPDATE: The National Weather Service confirmed Monday afternoon that an EF1 Tornado did occur Sunday evening in the Upper Caldwell Road area.

Mrs. Eason’s husband Terry was at church at the time of the storm, and he said Monday morning that he was thankful no one was hurt. “I just thank God that my wife is ok and the damage wasn’t more severe,” said Mr. Eason.

The most significant damage to the property involved the front porch which was ripped from the home and then carried over the home by the high winds before being deposited in the backyard about 30 yards away. The storm was so powerful that some bricks were even ripped up from the porch’s foundation.

Debris from the front porch at the Eason home were scattered in the backyard and caused damage to this vehicle.

Debris from the front porch at the Eason home were scattered in the backyard and caused damage to this vehicle. To see more storm damage photos visit

The debris from the porch also damaged a car parked out back as well as some fence areas. Fence damage could also be seen in front of the home near the road.

A portion of the roof was damaged as well, but Mr. Eason reports that some of his neighbors came to the rescue soon after the storm and placed tarps over the roof to prevent further damage.

“We are very thankful that Tim Caldwell and several of our other neighbors came to help us in our time of need, ” said Mr. Eason. “There were people here helping that I had never seen before.”

Mrs. Eason said that she took cover as the storm approached. “I got in the closet,” said Mrs. Eason. “I knew it was bad because I could see light coming in where the porch used to be.”

According to Chief Scott Blue with Heard County EMS, no other structural damage was reported in the county Sunday night, although several trees were damaged or uprooted in other areas of Upper Caldwell Road.

The National Weather Service in Peachtree City issued a Tornado Warning for Northwestern Heard and Southwestern Carroll County at 7:37 p.m indicating a storm capable of producing a tornado.

No significant damage was reported in Carroll County associated with the storm.

Amazingly, according to Mr. Eason, his home suffered very similar damage during a storm about ten years ago. In that storm, he said, the front porch was left high up in some trees nearby.

To see more storm damage photos from the area visit


  1. Thankk god her and her pets werent hurt during the storm and greatful for neighbors and friends to help so soon after the storm

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