January 21, 2019

Supreme Court ruling comes at perfect time for area couple

(Newnan, GA) — A landmark ruling Friday by a divided Supreme Court allowing same-sex couples to marry nationwide came at the perfect time for a Heard County graduate and her life partner.

Maria Whitten, a member of the HHS Class of 2002 and her new wife Angie Whitten were the first couple to file for a marriage license at the Coweta County courthouse as well as one of the first in the state after the ruling was handed down early Friday.

The timing was crucial for the couple with Maria expecting to deliver their first child, a baby boy, at any time.

While Maria (formerly Maria Griffin) had already went through an extensive name changing process earlier this month, the Supreme Court decision allowed for the couple to avoid a lengthy and expensive adoption process in order for Angie to also have full and equal rights in regards to the baby.

According to Maria, the process of getting the marriage license on Friday was simple, taking only about 20 minutes. Had adotpion been required the process would have been lengthy and the fee around $3500.

“We have been married in our hearts for 10 years but couldn’t legally put it on paper,” said Maria. “We have been wanting equal rights for years.”

The couple actually resides in Spalding County but after learning the Spalding courthouse was closed Friday afternoon for computer updating, Maria and Angie headed straight for Coweta to be sure they could get a license before the baby’s impending arrival.

“We had thought already though about it and discussed that if it were legalized before the birth of our son that we would do it immediately,” said Maria.

Angie and Maria Whitten at the Coweta County Courthouse on Friday

 “We were one of the first couples in the state — it is a great feeling to be a part of history in the making. The most important thing for me was that Angie have the same ‘parental’ rights to our son that I would have so that she would not be tied up in legalities if something were to happen to me.”

Maria is very aware that many in her own community are opposed to her right to a same-sex marriage.

 “It’s their right to have their opinion, but like my relationship does not affect them in any way — their ignorance and choice to be closed-minded has no affect on me and my happiness,” says Maria.

Maria and Angie’s baby boy is officially due on July 12.

As of late Friday afternoon, no same-sex couples had applied for a marriage license at the Heard County courthouse in Franklin.

According to officials, Heard County has issued 23 marriage licenses in 2015.


  1. Judicial banana says:

    Effect, not affect

  2. I am surprised this has taken so long. Our Jewish dominated Supreme Court has put their stamp of approval on the murder of babies since the 1970’s. And our government has killed millions of innocent men, women, children in unprovoked wars just in the last ten years alone.I am sure this Zionist occupied Government of ours feels superior to any law God or his Son may have. ..

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