December 1, 2020

Tabula Rasa: Bad scale!

I had my one month check up yesterday 12/03/2012. It was technically more like a month and half, but I’m not going to argue the details.

Let me start this little story off by saying for the past two weeks my goal has been to get to 350 lbs so that I can weigh on a “regular” scale.

I’ve been stepping on that damn scale every day and every day I’ve been heart broken when the big fat “E” displays. E meaning “you’re too fat to be weighed with this scale”.

I asked my mom “are you sure this scale works??” with hope in my voice… “it works to weigh me” she says. Sad. So, every day, I cross my fingers and step on the scale only to have it silently scream “E!” at me.

I’ve been dreading this doctors appointment. I had all my excuses about the holiday treats I’ve been eating and how people at work basically held me down and stuffed cookies, candy, and other fattening treats down my throat.

I even figured if I promise to do better this month that maybe he wouldn’t be too mad and write me off as being the only one who failed at losing weight after a weight LOSS surgery. Reggie (the nurse) calls me back and I slowly walk toward the digital scales we stop at every appointment.

I step up and the scale starts calculating my weight. Just as I am about to start stammering out my explainations to Reggie 343.6 pops up on the scale! What?! WTH!?! I totally missed reaching my first goal!! He reads my face and asks if I am surprised by the number.

I am surprised, excited, and relieved all at once. I am floating on cloud 9 through the whole rest of the visit. Doctor Smith tells me how happy he is with my progress. Wow! This is a COMPLETELY different appointment than I had anticipated.

Everything else about the appointment went just fine as well. I explained that I took myself off of all the medications he gave me for nausea, bowel movements, and the strange smells/tastes I had. He said that was perfectly fine since I have been feeling better.

We made another apointment for the end of February where he will take blood to show my levels. And that was it! Over – sweet!

So now I know… if I eat a bunch of junk I will feel bad, and it will slow my weight loss, but I will still lose weight. Get out of jail free card? Not so much… it really isn’t worth the crappy feeling the next day.

So that is 37 lbs since my surgery 54 lbs since July. Not too shabby… I do not think I’ve lost 54 lbs in an entire year ever, much less half a year.

So now I need to relax, treat my body well, and just have faith that this whole process is going to work for me. All of my hard work and diligence has actually shown some results – go figure!

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