July 23, 2021

Tabula Rasa: Sugar is the Devil

(Originally published 12/24/11) This holiday season has been especially tough, okay it hasn’t because I’ve eaten anything I’ve wanted to – just in very tiny quantities.

So, as you can imagine, I haven’t lost as much… well, any weight in the last 2 weeks. I was in denial.

I heard the words “why am I not losing weight” coming out of my mouth as I was stuffing white chocolate chip brownies in. Make sense? Nope.

Even though I do not absorb a lot of the FAT I take in, the sugar is the key. I am okay at standing still for these next few days, but back on the wagon come January.

I refuse to miss out on all those Holiday treats, especially since Thanksgiving was so terrible. Judge me if you will, but you better have a small booty before you do… glass houses and all.

I love how I’ve started to have conversations with myself in this blog – perhaps more of a journal of a woman losing her mind rather than losing weight. I’ve never really blogged with the purpose of people actually reading it, so it’s weird talking to nameless faces.

I like it, though. I’m at work – and as I was just typing this a co-worker came by to tell me how “skinny” I am. Now, I know people mean in comparison to my former self, but this just seems so odd to hear.

I have NEVER in my entire life been called skinny. And you should see the faces of by-standers who have no idea that I was bigger when someone calls ME skinny. It’s a hoot!

Anyway… happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, whatever it is you are doing at the end of the year – may you be happy and prosperous in the new year!!

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