January 17, 2019

Talmadge Davis receives Conservationist of the Year Award

WestGASupervisors_2015 award(Carrollton, GA) — On September 26th, Heard County resident, Talmadge Davis received a notable award for his support of soil and water conservation.

Talmadge was awarded the “2015 Conservationist of the Year” award from the West Georgia Soil and Water Conservation District. The award was given at an annual banquet on Saturday evening held at the Waldrop Farm in Winston, GA.

Talmadge Davis has represented Heard County on the West Georgia Soil and Water Conservation District Board since 1974.

During his 41+ years of service, he has been a strong voice for conservation. Talmadge’s years of service on the District board have been important to the conservation message in the region.

He served as Treasurer for many years and helped the District be frugal with their resources so that they could support conservation for years to come. He faithfully attends all meetings and represents the District at regional and state meetings.

“Talmadge has always supported positive programs for Heard County and the west Georgia area. He is well deserving of being Conservationist of the Year,” said Denney Rogers, West GA District Chairman.

Talmadge, a lifelong Heard County resident, was born to Roland and Ludie Davis. He graduated from Franklin High School in 1947.

In 1951 he joined the US Army and served in the US Army Signal Corp. He was elected as Clerk of Superior Court in 1957 and was elected six times afterwards, five of which without opposition.

In 1977 he resigned his position to accept a position as President of the Bank of Heard County where he served until January 1994 when he retired.

Talmadge also graduated in 1961 from the Woodrow Wilson College of Law. His service to Heard County is remarkable.

Some of his achievements include organizing the first Heard County High Booster Club, serving as a member (and chairman) of the Chattahoochee Flint Area Planning and Development Commission, serving on the Heard County Water Authority Board, and serving on the Heard County Library Board.

He was also instrumental in organizing the first little league baseball team in Heard County.

Talmadge enjoys bird hunting and is an avid conservationist. Talmadge married Jacquelyn Bryan on October 12, 1974—they have resided in Heard County their entire marriage.

The West Georgia Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a State of Georgia government entity operating within the counties of Carroll, Haralson, Heard, Coweta, and Douglas.

The West GA SWCD is one of 40 Districts across Georgia, dedicated to the protection and conservation of our state’s natural resources, educating citizens about the importance of conservation, and informing policy makers about natural resource issues.

Talmadge Davis and Denney Rogers both serve on the West Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Board representing Heard County.

For more information on West Georgia Soil and Water Conservation District activities, contact the Natural Resources Conservation Service office at 770-832-8942 (Ext 3).

The local NRCS office is located at 408 N White Street in Carrollton, Georgia. This office services the counties of Carroll, Haralson, and Heard.

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