December 3, 2020

TCSO Scam Alert

Sheriff Donny Turner wants to make you aware of another phone scam involving the information off of your credit card! Troup County Sheriff’s Office investigators received a report on this scam, earlier today.

As it goes, a “Credit Card Company Representative” calls the victim claiming that the victim’s card has been deactivated. To reactivate the card, the “Representative” asks for the 16 digit number from the card that has been “Deactivated” in order to set things straight.

The call from the “Representative” originates from a “Credit Union Center” via (land line) phone number in Atlanta & references another (mobile) number in Columbus for customer service.

Sheriff Turner advises citizens to NEVER give out any identification numbers over the phone, or to someone you are unfamiliar with. The credit card company should never need to contact you to get further personal information… And, the information requested of the victim in this scam would have already been known by the actual credit card company.

If you are contacted by someone whom you believe to be a scam artist, and you would like further information, contact the Troup County Sheriff’s Office at (706)883-1616 to speak with an Investigator. If you feel that you have recently been a victim to this type of scam, please notify 911 to file a report.

Troup County Sheriff’s Office


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