January 23, 2022

Teacher of the Year and Support Person of the Year

(Franklin) — The Heard County School System held its annual Teacher of the Year/Support Person of the Year Recognition Reception on April 28th at Heard High School. This year’s reception had a “Safari” theme.

Mrs. Susan Hyatt did an outstanding job in transforming the High School Cafeteria into a jungle in the wilds of Africa, complete with theme music,  camouflage, netting and monkeys. A giraffe mural was also created by art students from Heard High School.

Live color pot flowers were provided by the FFA Greenhouse.  Chef Brady Tillman and the culinary students did an outstanding job preparing the delicious food.  Special thanks to each of the volunteers for all of your hard work.

School Level Teachers of the Year (TOTY) and Support Person of the Year (SPOTY) were Centralhatchee Elementary – TOTY – Debra Holland and SPOTY – Allison Carmical.

Ephesus Elementary – TOTY – Loretta Shaw, and SPOTY – Miranda Cammon.

Heard Elementary – TOTY – Kim Wright and SPOTY – Dana Banks.

Heard Middle –TOTY – Aubrey Westmoreland, and SPOTY – Khris Martin.

Heard High – TOTY –Rich Fendley, and SPOTY – Lori Cabe.

System Level Runners Up were Kim Wright and Allison Carmical.

System Level SPOTY was Lori Cabe and TOTY was Loretta Shaw.

Mrs. Shaw will go on to represent Heard County at the State Level Teacher of the Year.  Congratulations to all of these winners who do so much for the children of Heard County!


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