November 25, 2020

Temple High School student, boyfriend killed in fiery crash after kidnapping

Article courtesy of Fox 5 Atlanta

(Temple, GA) — According to the Chief Deputy of Carroll County, 16-year-old Raina Reed had just moved in with the young man who ultimately took her from her family’s home at gunpoint before causing a deadly crash.

Raina Reed’s father shared one of the last photos taken of his daughter. He told Fox 5’s Portia Bruner the photo was taken Thanksgiving day–just a few hours before the joy of the holiday suddenly turned violent and ended with her horrific death on Rainey Road in Villa Rica.

“This was a tragedy all the way around,” said Chief Deputy Brad Robinson.

Robinson told reporters the Temple teenager was kidnapped at gunpoint from her family’s home Thanksgiving night around 8 p.m. He said her boyfriend, 20-year-old Elijah Cox,  was angry because the family had taken Raina from the home she just moved into with Cox less than two weeks ago.

“He came to her residence with a rifle at took her at gunpoint. People were running and hiding in bathrooms. It was a scary situation. He fired shots at the family and they called 911,” Robinson said.



The Chief Deputy said Cox forced Reed into his Volvo, then sped away on Rainey Road crashing into a tree not far from Reed’s family home.

A deputy responding to the 911 call actually passed Cox seconds before the fatal. Friends, Josh Talley and Alajuwon Thomas, were on their way home from Thanksgiving dinner when they happened to see the crash scene. They told Bruner they tried to rush to help, but said the deputy told them to stop for their own safety.

“He told us to stay back because the guy was armed with a gun. But once the fire started to get big, we went in there because you could hear the girl screaming. I couldn’t even sleep last night thinking about the sound of her screaming. No one should die like that,” Thomas, 24, said.



  1. We did not remove her from the home where she stayed with him. She was at my house. I’m her aunt. I wouldn’t let her leave with him because he was intoxicated when they arrived and I wasn’t letting her get in the car with him! If your gonna spread the news at least get it right!!!!!!!

  2. Elizabeth bischoff says

    Sorry for your loss praying for you

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