May 22, 2019

Thank you from Ephesus Library

teacher-appreciation-clipart-Thank_You(Ephesus) — Ephesus Public Library would like thank all the people who made our Bake Sale last Saturday a success!

These volunteers baking, donating, organizing and selling to customers made all the difference: Phyllis Wiggins, Belva Stanaway, Lorene Cates, Annice Sorrells, Janice Rollins, Melanie Cheney, Martha Yarbrough, Karen Rogers, Pat Watson, Debra Camp, Crystal Blacquiere, Mary Cates, Gracie Hutchins, Colleen Workman, Paige Harrod and Cheryl Pollard.

If we’ve left anyone out, we apologize! Your willingness to help means more than you know. Thank you again!

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