March 4, 2021

Thank You from Keri Denney

To Heard County Citizens:

Running in this race has been a humbling experience. I have been blown away by the love and support I have been shown throughout my campaign.

God has truly been my copilot the entire time. I prayed from the beginning that His will would be done.

Of course, I had hoped for a different outcome, but I know God’s plan is not always ours.

I would like to thank my husband, Chris ,and our son, Wyn for their unwavering love and commitment to my campaign. I love you both.

To my Dad and Marcia, Mama and Eddy, and my in-laws, Charles and Bobbie I want you all to know your support has meant the world to me. I am blessed with wonderful parents. Thank you all for believing in me.

I have had some amazing people step up and really bless my life these past few months.

My new friend, Denice Hicks, has been a rock for me. She helped to create my Facebook page and handled almost all of its content. She is the owner of Southern Administration Services Y’all, a virtual assistant and social media management company.

Besides my sweet daddy, my nephew Bo, and Wyn I had a few friends helping me out with yard signs, and campaigning in general. A big Thank You to Durell Langley, Sammy Noles, and Melody Morris. Y’all have been incredible.

To my co-workers A Big Thank You for putting up with my crazy self these past several months. I appreciate each one of you.

Thank you to every voter that got out and exercised their right. We should never take it for granted.


Keri Denney


  1. Linda Carnes says

    Of course, your BURG family wanted you to win; but, we are so proud of you for your professional manner in handling this sad defeat. Never stop, your time will come‼️ Just as you have with this race- let God lead you💕. Congratulations on getting so so many of your loyal citizen’s votes‼️ That number speaks volumes👏👏👏. We love you- Chris, & our handsome Wyn- well, we love terry, Marcia , & love love Tanya, too.

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