May 22, 2018

Thank You from the Stutts Family

The children and grandchildren of Mrs. Esther Carter Stutts,(Miss Esther) cannot begin to thank the many who have shown their love and respect for our mother and grandmother.

Your love and generosity during this great loss to our family have been simply overwhelming.

The people of Heard County have always been lovingly referred to by our mother and father as “our people” and you certainly proved that during our greatest time of need.

Someone wrote “it was as if the whole church was family” and that is exactly the way our mother felt, and we feel.

We cannot begin to say enough about the wonderful job that the ministers and musician, Scott Hannah, Neil Awbrey, Brett Mathews, Lynn Janney and Bryan Owensby did at mother’s funeral. She would have been very humbled by your remarks.

Thank you to the Franklin City Police who so graciously spent many hours directing traffic, and the last pass by the old health department and the funeral home.

To our staff, Joel Phillips, Jimmy Adams, Tonnie Adams, Jeff Cook, Patricia Gentry, Martha Prince, Robbie Nelms, Joanne Bray, David Barnes, David Lanier, Derrill Scott and all of their families for their great devotion to mother, and their hard work while honoring mother one last time, and always, as we serve the people of this county.

Finally we would like to thank Our Mighty God for blessing us with such a wonderful mother. It was an honor to share her with all of you. God Bless you each one! You were mother’s chosen people!

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