July 24, 2021

The Adventures of a Mom of 4

[jessica]When I was five I played babies. When I was 10 I played house. By age fifteen I had a boy and girl name ready for my yet to be conceived children. At age eighteen I was engaged and married my prince at nineteen. I did very well in high school but never had any desire to go to college.

I went through a brief period when I wanted to be a teacher, but for the most part I always just wanted to be a wife and mom. Needless to say I received less than supportive comments on my choice to not go to college. I am not against college of course, but I do not believe that success is measured by how much schooling you have completed.

My choice to get married at nineteen was followed by much criticism also. Everyone was sure that I was too young and that I would soon change my mind. I knew in my heart though that I had found the one and made the decision to become a wife. Eleven years later I am happier than I ever thought possible.To say it has been all smiles would be ridiculous.

I have fought harder, cried longer, and screamed louder than I ever imagined I could. On the other hand I have loved deeper, laughed uncontrollably, and lived more fully than I could have ever dreamed I would be able to.

God has blessed me with 4 amazing children that each has their own personality. They make me crazy day after day but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.I recently turned 30 and without even meaning to started to do some serious reflecting.

I discovered that the young girl that cared so much about what everyone thinks of her is disappearing, and a woman is emerging that has the confidence to make decisions based on the best interests of her husband and children without worrying about the judgment of others. I spent years not knowing whose opinion to listen to, wondering who I should consult when making choices, and trying to figure out how to get everyone to like me.

I now realize that I don’t need to worry about all those opinions, my choices should only include the consultation of those affected, and no matter how hard I try not everyone is going to like me and I am okay with that. I believe personally that I am accountable to God and in the end it will be his opinion that matters most.

As for those babies I played with at five…the real ones do not stay where you put them, the diapers have actual horrifying things inside them, and they are always making noise and breaking things. I wish I could say playing house today is like being the CEO of this perfect household that I had once imagined, but lets face it I am the maid!

To every person and animal under my roof or in my backyard I am the go to person for anything they may need even as disgusting as it may be. The prince I married is still my prince, but has now shared the experience of childbirth with me after which he informed me I was stripped of my princess title.

Don’t get me wrong I am not unhappy with any of this! I just feel a duty to my fellow mom’s, of any age or stage in life, to present it just as unglamorous as it is. Being a mom is pretty disgusting most of the time especially if your kids are young. You don’t get a lot of thanks, your body goes down the drain, you have no privacy, you have no money, and someone is always demanding something from you.

None of this matters of course when that little hand grabs yours for the first time, or that little voice tells you they love you before bedtime. Being a mom is the best job in the world and to say I love it is an understatement. It is the most rewarding non-compensated job out there!

My hope for this mommy blog is to simply share my stories with you. I have not experienced everything nor do I even come close to having all the answers. Moms have gone through things much more difficult than I have, and for me the rewards of being a mom have always out weighed the heartache which I am thankful for everyday. My beliefs and opinions are not the same as every other mom out there.

Please remember that I would never judge someone for not agreeing with me, but I also want to be open and present my life stories as honestly as possible. Who knows maybe by sharing my stories you will be saved from some of the humiliating things I have experienced…or maybe it will simply make you smile.

If you get a laugh out of something then that’s even better! You can grow so much as a mom by experiencing motherhood just as it is thrown at you, curveballs and all. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a bit…your newbie mommy blogger!

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