December 4, 2020

The Christmas Tortoise by Jesse Workman

The Christmas Tortoise

There was once a tortoise that lived in a tribal village in Africa. The tortoise’s name was Henry.

Henry heard about a holiday, that is celebrated in most countries, through his best friend Miles, a dolphin. Miles, every year, leaves the continent of Africa and swims to England to celebrate Christmas.

“Santa Claus has a time limit, so he can only go to so many places,” Miles explains to Henry. “Africa is one of the last countries on his list, and he has never had enough time to come here.”

Henry was very upset after hearing this, so Henry came up with an idea so his village can also celebrate Christmas. Henry, working with Miles, built a little wood shack. This shack became Henry’s workshop. He worked everyday, from sunrise to sunset, making gifts for all of the people in his village.

christmas-holidays-2011-500x300Eventually, when Christmas came, Henry was finished making all of the gifts.

On the late night of Christmas Eve, Henry went to every person’s home and left each person a gift. Hours passed, and it suddenly became Christmas morning.

The members of the village left their teepee-like houses and found the gifts Henry secretly left for them. Henry watched as he saw children’s faces light up with joy as they played with their hacky sacks.

The adults cheered as they opened their packages filled with clothes and jewelry. Henry and Miles praised each other as the people in the village fellowship.

That day, Henry became know as The Christmas Tortoise for providing hope and gifts to the poor village of Bruntök. The next day, Henry awoke and he noticed a green star on his shell. He found a note under his leg.

It read, “Dear Henry, you did very well during this holiday season. You gave the people of the village of hope. Thank you for filling in for me this year, but since you did such a great job, I think I will let you become the new Santa of the village. I appreciate you greatly Henry! Warm regards, Santa Claus.”

Henry closed the letter, with a heart full of love, and a smile on his face. This is the story of The Christmas Tortoise. To this day, The Christmas Tortoise is still seldom resting, providing love, hope, and gifts to the village of Bruntök.

Written by: Jesse Workman,

7th grade student at HCMS




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