May 23, 2018

The God Lovin’ Redneck: Living In The Now

 [jeff] Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.Matthew 6: 34 

There’s a lot going on in the world today. Just watching the news is enough to give a person an ulcer. And if that wasn’t enough, every individual has some sort of dilemma going on in their life. It’s no wonder that half of America is on Xanax. People are stressed out!

We worry about our jobs, our finances, our children, and our health. The list goes on and on. According to a statistic from the Internet, did you know that 80% of workers are stressed on their jobs?

If that’s the case, then these people will come home and have to deal with more stressful issues when they get there. It’s a serious problem.

I don’t think the issue is the ‘stress’. I believe it’s in how we react to everyday things – by worrying. I also believe many people put more on their plate than they should. Stress, in itself, is a normal response that the body uses to protect itself.

For example, you’re driving down the road and a car pulls out in front of you. Stress kicks in and you slam on your brake! Your reaction just saved you from a potential accident.

Now, if you’re constantly slamming on your break every time an issue occurs, this will lead into health problems. Heart disease, digestive and sleep problems, depression, and obesity are just some of them. And these problems will create more stress.

I feel the real problem in this world is worrying. Worrying is a form of fear and the Bible tells us plainly throughout to ‘fear not’. Actually it is mentioned 366 times to ‘not do it’. That’s a scripture a day for a whole year – including one for leap year.

That’s pretty amazing! God doesn’t want us to worry about anything, but to put our burdens and cares upon Him. Most of the time, the things we worry about are about what could happen tomorrow. If you have been a Christian for awhile, you can look back on all the times you have worried and realized things didn’t turn out like you expected anyway.

We have to live in the ‘now’. Each day should be lived at a time. That is what Matthew 6: 34 is telling us. We add more worries to our day when we think about the ‘what if’s’ of tomorrow.

If we just deal with each day as it comes, we can focus on those worries we have and apply God’s promises to them. We will have a more productive and healthy lifestyle.

Please note that worries will come, but they don’t have to be stressful when we realize God has the answers. We may not see the answers right away or know that He is working it all out, but He is. If you’re praying about it, He hears you!

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  1. Mart Hyatt says:

    I really enjoyed reading this, Jeff Todd.

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