December 2, 2020

The Heard Citizen Student of the Month (September)

Ms. Jessica Kirkpatrick, a sixth grade student at Heard County Middle School, was presented with the Heard Citizen Student of the Month Award today at HCMS.

Jessica is an autistic student who wrote a Letter to the Editor published at last week on the subject of bullying. Jessica’s letter has been read by over 1000 people world-wide in just the few days since it was posted.

The letter will also be featured in an upcoming issue of Teen Magazine. She is pictured here with the Middle School Principal, Mr. Mike Roberts. Congratulations to Jessica on being named the Student of the Month for September!


  1. Mart Hyatt says

    Congratulations Jessica! Well deserved. You are a great person and I am so proud of YOU!

  2. Go baby go!!! Jessica rocks!

  3. Way to go Jessica, I read your article about bullying in school and I hear it goes on a good bit in our middle school and I suppose in all schools and I am so glad you posted the article to bring it out in the open. The teachers should make every effort to watch for this and put a stop to it, but they can not do it without the help of the students reporting it. If any student is being bullied or sees anyone else being bullied they should report it immediately to a teacher! Again congratulations!

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