December 2, 2020

The Princess and the 3 Peas: A Valentine’s Poem for Mamas

A Valentine’s Poem for Mamas

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
If you have stretch marks,
This poem is for you.

How I loved Valentine’s Day,
All the flowers, candy, and gifts,
Then along came 4 children,
And it has changed all too swift.

Gazing at cards filled with sweet nothings,
Now replaced with parties at school,
The current decision erasers or tattoos,
Which will their friends see as more cool?

Shopping for a “special pretty”,
Would be pointless indeed,
Since mommy has decided that sleep,
Is at the top of what she will need.

No reason to make a reservation,
For a meal we can’t afford,
The menu is a heart-shaped pizza,
Served on the finest of cardboard.

In boxes locked inside my closet,
The pretty jewelry from years before,
Too risky to wear around grabby fingers,
What melts my heart now is wine I can pour.

A coffee card is what I desire,
That’s what keeps my spark alive,
Uninterrupted sleep has disappeared,
Caffeine is what mommy needs to thrive.

No place for rose petals,
Too many toys cover the ground,
And lighting candles is not safe,
Around little ones I have found.

All these compromises may seem sad,
You’d think that love has left the building,
But with 4 kids in 7 years,
Romance must surely still be yielding!

So to all the mamas this Valentine’s Day,
Making cupcakes for their kiddos class,
Sneak some frosting without any guilt,
And go ahead and indulge a second glass.

We get thanked a little,
We give up a lot,
But with each child we add,
That’s more love that we’ve got!

-Jessica Massa Holt

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