November 29, 2020

The Princess and the 3 Peas: Good Riddance!

[jessica]My two oldest children are in school all day every day this year.  After spending so much time with them this summer, you might be wondering if I miss them a little and maybe have a case of the back to school blues…uh not exactly!

I heard that there were some mom’s on the news that literally did a dance behind the school bus as it drove away on the first day of school.  What was my first thought when I heard this?  Bummer I have to wait a whole year before I can do that!

I love my kids and I am a very emotional person, but there were no tears this year at the bus stop on that first day back to school.  No kindergartener starting this year, just a first and third grader.

So it was more of a “good riddance children thanks for all the torture you provided this summer!”

Lana and Wyatt were out of control by mid August.  I did as many activities with them as I could, but eventually they got bored and there was nothing I could do.

Then that boredom led to fighting and complaining ALL DAY LONG!  My kids do very well in school academically and they also (knock on wood) have never gotten into trouble.  They love school and they wanted and needed to get their rears back into those school desks.

Some days I feel a little guilty about being excited every morning when I kiss them and send them on their way, but then I pour myself a cup of coffee and remember I am down 50% on my kid count and the remorse quickly passes.

I think my feelings are pretty common among moms.  My mother is the only mom I know that sincerely loved summer break, and if that is really the case I think she should still be calling me once a day telling me what a wonderful child I was!

Now the poor teachers I am not so sure how they feel about back to school time, but at least they get paid well…haha!  They are extremely underpaid in my opinion because I could never do what they do.

My kids have been blessed with amazing teachers so far that I am so thankful for.  I volunteer in their classrooms once a week for an hour, so I see first hand what those teachers go through.

The only thing I can hope for teachers is that most kids are like mine and they are the worst at home and behave better away from mom!

All I know for sure is that I have gotten more cleaning and more projects done around the house in the last week and a half since school started then I did all summer!

Bring on the packing of the lunches, the homework, the reading logs, the extra curricular activities, just please take those brats (oh sorry I meant blessings) away from me for seven hours a day!!

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