September 16, 2021

The Princess and the 3 Peas: If the shoe fits

[jessica]I recently had one of my most humiliating experiences as a mom! Wait, not just as a mom, but in my whole life! So my baby is going to be two the end of this month, but he has only been walking for about six months.

Back in September, I took him to get his first pair of walkers from Nordstrom (not sure if this is a Northwest specific store or not so I guess it could be compared to Macy’s but even more expensive).

No I do not regularly buy my kids shoes from Nordstrom, but I have always bought the first pair there because I believe in having them in really good shoes while they are learning to walk.

He outgrew those first walkers pretty quickly just like they always do, oh and they were a size five wide by the way. So a few months ago the walkers got too tight, and I found these things called “Skidders” which are basically a sock with a sole on the bottom.

They are really popular and I read that they are good for their feet so I bought Toby a pair. They are sold in sizes according to their age so I bought 12-24 months. A little over a month ago I noticed that when he wore the skidders outside he would act funny.

I decided that since he was starting to walk a little faster and even trying to run at times, that those sock-like shoes might feel strange while being worn in rugged conditions.

Since Toby is child number four, and boy number three, I did the natural thing  and looked through the shoes I had saved from my other boys. I found a pair of Crocs (now everyone should know what those are) from Peyton that were a size 4/5. I held them up to Toby’s foot and tried them on.

They were a little tight but he has a really wide foot, and I could see inside the Croc and his toes were not touching so I thought we were a go.

Now if you remember I said those first walkers bought in September were a size five and I also stated that they had “gotten snug”.

I also know though that Crocs are a very roomy shoe and again would like to mention I could see that his toes were NOT hitting the end of the shoe.

So he was wearing the Crocs for about a month and they were just not loosening up a bit!In fact I was noticing that Toby was still very wobbly on his feet considering how long he had been walking.

My neighbor even laughed at his “chubby baby walk” as she called it because it just didn’t seem quite right for an almost 2-year-old. I decided it was time to hit the stores and buy this poor boy some new shoes because obviously the Crocs were not working.

To answer your question, no the length factor had still not entered my mind. After looking at three or four different stores I became painfully aware of how wide Toby’s feet are. I even went up a size or two and still the shoe didn’t fit.

I save a lot of money by passing things down from child to child, and I also have friends that give me boys clothes in return for my girls clothes. With that information I persuaded myself that it was okay to go back to Nordstrom and buy Toby another pair of shoes that would fit him properly.

Now by properly I mean able to come in a wide width. So we get to the store and I tell the saleslady the story of how the Crocs just seem too narrow. It doesn’t occur to me until the exact moment when I am telling her I bought him size five walkers six months ago what an idiot I had been!

I mean mommy brain is one thing, playing the 4th baby card not even acceptable, no excuse can be made…everyone knows how fast kids feet grow and to think I could shove his fat feet in a 4/5 Croc when his first shoes were a 5, and they were purchased six months ago, what is wrong with me?!?!

In my defense it turns out he is an extra wide BUT IN A 7.5 SIZE SHOE!!! I actually tried to change my answer when she re-asked me what size the Crocs were and said 5/6 this time instead of 4/5.

Oh the shame, my face was so red, I begged her not to call child protective services! And then it got worse. She had to have him walk around a bit before feeling how his toe hit the end of the shoe because she said he was walking with his toes curled up! Hello!

That is where the drunken baby walk was coming from! My poor little Toby bug was walking with his toes curled for a good month.

Well I did say his toes weren’t touching the end of the shoe! I will tell you what that kid uncurled those toes and took off!

Turns out he is not an almost 2-year-old that can’t run, he was just an almost 2-year-old that couldn’t run with curled toes!

He will rarely let me take those 7.5 XW Sauconys off. He loves them, and turns out he loves to run, in a straight line nonetheless!

The drive home from Nordstrom that day consisted on me crying on the outside, me dying on the inside, and Toby pointing at his new shoes and baby babbling all the way home!

And the moral of the story is…geez I don’t know you tell me! It seems more appropriate to say to myself in true Jeff Foxworthy tradition…HERE’S YOUR SIGN!!!



  1. And I thought it was only me that had days where you wish you could take back your last sentence 🙂

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