November 29, 2020

The Princess and the 3 Peas: Rebel Mom with a Cause

[jessica]I made it all through my school years without being yelled at by a bus driver. Actually I was never yelled at by any adult during my school years or even got into any kind of trouble.

Seriously I was a total teacher’s pet, never sent to the principal’s office except to receive an award, perfect conferences, and straight A’s kinda girl!

I avoided confrontation at all costs, even if it meant backing down and not standing up for myself.

Well, at age 31, on my daughter’s field trip none the less, I was screamed at by the bus driver and my reputation is shattered forever! Surrounded by other parents and other 2nd graders, I was mortified at the time it was happening.

I spent the entire 60 plus minutes of travel time worrying about what I had done to cause this bus driver to freak out on me?! When we arrived at our destination I was met with several joking comments from other adults about how good it was of me to be able to behave for the rest of the ride and what “a rebel” I am!

I began to realize that it was very obvious to those around me that I had done nothing to deserve being yelled at. Those who witnessed the event know me and I am not some sort of troublemaker, and the entire situation was quite comical actually because it was so out of my character to tick someone off.

It took me a little longer to come to this conclusion, but I can now proudly say I am at the look back and laugh stage. In fact I have realized that I have evolved into quite the “rebel mom” and I kind of like the sound of that. Especially if it means being more confident, caring, and protective than I used to be.

Okay now before you all die of suspense let me tell you what I did on the bus. I was assigned my child and two other children to be responsible for on the day of the field trip.

For those of you who have ever chaperoned a field trip, you know this is a big job especially in a crowded public place with not only your own child but someone else’s as well. And for those of you who know me, you know how seriously I take any job I am given, especially when it involves kids.

The other two kids I had with me that day were definite “wanderers”. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, but I just knew I would need to be very close to them and paying attention to them all day.

The chaperones were asked to sit with our groups on the bus, and we were told it was three kids to a seat, except in a seat with an adult we could just have 1 other child. While we were loading the bus from the back forward, one of my “extras” got out of her seat.

I called her back to the seat behind me, but as I was doing so the bus driver was telling her to go to a different seat farther away from me. Now this child, without getting too specific, really needed to remain close to me due to some issues and I had discussed this with the teacher.

I was very honored that the teacher put this child with me, because it was a compliment to me that she believed I could handle it. So I simply stated to the bus driver that she had to sit near me. Then the bus driver informed me that if I needed her by me she would have to come into the seat that my daughter and I were already sitting in.

There was room in the seat behind me, so I simply told the bus driver we were told if a chaperone was in the seat only one other child had to sit with us. I then pointed out that the seat behind me had room according to the number rules we were given by the teachers.

She then went from zero to bite my head off and screamed at me “WELL THIS IS MY BUS AND IF WE ARE ALL GOING TO FIT ON HERE THEN IT’S MY RULES!!!” I then promptly told my daughter to scoot over, I grabbed my extra and put her in the seat with us, and sat down.

The bus driver did scream again a couple of minutes later at the entire bus, reminding everyone that it was her bus and we would load as she was telling us to even if that meant not keeping our groups together.

You would think this would have made me realize my confrontation with her was not personal, but unfortunately that’s not how my sensitive mind works.

I wanted to say something to the bus driver after the day was done about not appreciating her yelling at me like that considering I am an adult and not a child.

I wanted to tell her she did not know the situation with the child I was trying to have near me, and she doesn’t know me, and so to just assume I was immediately trying to cause her problems and jump all over me was not very appropriate.

I ended up doing no such thing as I witnessed another incident between the bus driver and another parent later that day that made my fight look like puppies playing! I won’t go into detail but let’s just say this other parent mentioned something about “punching the bus driver’s teeth out if she messed with her!”

So I guess my point to this whole story is that I am realizing that I just may be a bit of a rebel now. If standing up to that bus driver and telling her I needed that child near me was confrontational, then I guess by george I am not so afraid of confrontation anymore! I had been given a job and I was going to do my job.

I would handle the situation exactly the same again, except I might even be bolder now that I have embraced my rebel status! Now I will never be disrespectful but I also won’t allow others to walk all over me. Had there not been so many impressionable little ones around I believe I would have stood my ground even longer.

My intentions were good and I didn’t mind having to cause a little ruckus to get my way. Wow who is this 31-year-old rebel??? I don’t know but I don’t hate her! In fact I think we will be seeing a lot more of her! =)




  1. Roianne Massa says

    Love it! You are a little Mandy wanna be! LOL

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