May 23, 2019

Tiny Fighter: Courageous Baby’s First Christmas in the Hospital

An photo of Baby Kamdyn prior to several surgeries earlier this fall

A photo of Baby Kamdyn prior to several difficult brain surgeries

(Franklin, GA) — A Heard County infant boy is spending his first Christmas at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta after battling with severe birth defects during his first four months of life.

Kamdyn Jace Mcafee was born on August 25, 2016 weighing almost 11 pounds and was first diagnosed with Spina Bifida and hydrocephalus while still in his mother’s womb.

Kamdyn’s mother, Parrish Jackson of Franklin, first learned the diagnosis from doctors when she was about 20 weeks into her pregnancy.

Since birth, Kamdyn has been back and forth to Scottish Rite in Atlanta where he has undergone nine major surgeries involving his spine and brain.

Kamdyn spent his first weeks of life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and he has yet to stay a full week at home without having to return to the hospital.

Despite the tremendous pain and difficulty he has already gone through, Baby Kamdyn continues to fight hard and has been quite an inspiration to his mom and the rest of his family.

Kamdyn’s two brothers, 8-year-old Camarion and 5-year-old A’Zalen, both attend Heard Elementary school in Franklin.

The four-month old’s condition, along with having two other small children to care for, has made life extremely difficult for the young mother during these last few months, but she continues to lean on her strong faith and is thankful for the support she has already received from family and friends.

A more recent hospital photo of Baby Kamdyn with his mother Parrish Jackson

A more recent hospital photo of Baby Kamdyn with his mother Parrish Jackson

“My baby Kam has had many people across the world to support him and love him in many ways. He is truly blessed to have so many prayer warriors out there,” says Parrish Jackson. “Kamdyn’s journey will not be a walk in the park — he has a long road ahead.”

A family friend has set up a ‘Support for Baby Kamden’ gofundme page to help with medical and travel expenses for Baby Kamdyn and his family. Click here to make a donation in support of this brave infant.

The mother has posted video and updates on social media throughout the process, and the courageous infant has been given several nicknames like #FranklinFighter and KamBam and his most recent major surgery was just last week.

Parrish believes God has a plan for Kamdyn and continues to pray for her brave little man.

“All I can do is continue to pray for my sweet angel and know better days are yet to come — I’m trusting in the lord above,” says the mother.


  1. God is able……..
    Praying for mother and baby.

  2. Lolita Martinez says

    I’m praying for him and you God is blessing him everyday and you as well trust in God and have all faith in him this to shall pass God bless you you are one of the strongest women I know

  3. Pamela K Hemmings says

    Prayers too all

  4. With God & a God fearing mother he can’t go wrong #TeamKam

  5. Tara Odegaard says

    Love u Parrish , praying for u and that little angel

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