September 25, 2018

Troup man arrested on child rape, molestation charges

John Mathew Miller

John Mathew Miller

(Lagrange, GA) — Investigators with the Troup County Sheriffs Office, assigned to the Special Victims Unit, have arrested and charged John Mathew Miller, age 25 of Troup County, with several charges related to a prolonged attack against a child.

According to a press release issued this morning by the TCSO, investigators discovered that Miller allegedly repeatedly molested a child over a six-seven year period in Georgia and adjoining state(s).

Miller is charged with one count of Rape, one count of False Imprisonment, two counts of Aggravated Child Molestation, and four counts of Child Molestation.

Miller is currently being held at the Troup County Jail without bond.



  1. Of course he’s guilty, look at the mustache.

  2. Ashly Marie says:

    I went to school with this guy, hung out with this guy, and I am absolutely shocked and disgusted to have found this out about him.. I feel for the child or children involved in this and I also pray that God will heal them of the pain and suffering that they have endured! As for Matt, you will have your day to stand before God and he will make you answer to this and he will make you pay!! God doesn’t like ugly, and you my friend, are in for a lifetime of suffering for what you have done!!

    • Christine Dubuc says:

      I known Matt 8 years and he is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!

    • Christine dubuc says:

      I’ve known Matt 8 years and in this country you are innocent until proven guilty! Let him have his day in court before you condemn can anyone arrested for anything that’s why we have a court system.

      • You are absolutely right about that, but at the same time, hearing about this has made me feel some type of way. I said what I felt about yhe situation regardless whether he is innocemt or guilty.. I had to get it off of my chest, thats just me! Im just going to continue to pray about this, in hopes that truth, justice, and healing will be the outcome 🙂 God bless <3

  3. I’m completely shocked! I never thought in a million years he would do such a thing! I almost dated him! Yuck!!! I feel like I need a bleach bath after that.

  4. matt is innocent

  5. I can not even for a second believe this. I am in shock..I know this kid……Praying for all..

  6. I don’t know this person, if he is guilty or innocent, but what I do know is jumping on the band wagon of convecting without a jury trial is just as wrong. Anyone can accuse anyone of the the same crime, it can be any of you above and you will be talked about and drug through the mud just as you are doing this person. Judging someone will get judged as you judge others.

  7. Man “FOR REAL” I read this shit yall post can anyone tell me when the last person was arrested and booked for child molestation not four count but just one and was the last person in the state of GEORGIA to not be convicted? Anyone last chance………………….
    1962 HELLO WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE, THINK THEY WOULD CHARGE HIM WITH ALL THAT AND NOT HAVE A SHUT AND CLOSED CASE. YA ok he is innocent till proven guilty but has no bond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel for yall who have been sadly mistaken by our justice system but when he takes a plea deal to just get life then you too can I will feel SO SO SO SO SO STUPID I MEAN SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY YOU DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY “Police” have to go through and deal with just to take a man like this off the street HELLO HELLO HELLO IT IS 2014 they ain’t playing when it comes to doing there home work think they want to feel as stupid as y’all do for thinking he is innocent hell NAW I JUST END IT HERE HOPE YALL WATCH THIS SHIT CLOSE CUZ THE STATE GOING TO WIN BY A LANDSLIDE

    • Christine dubuc says:

      I hope and pray you are never arrested on a false charge! Call us stupid for believing in him and the justice system well you are a idiot , you haven’t a clue about what or why this is going on. And not having a bond “YET” Doesn’t make him guilty.

  8. If someone went to the police/sheriff and said Marc molested, so and so took out a warrant Marc would be in a cell because saying you didn’t do it would have to be proven.

  9. There are a lot of men and women accused, convicted and serving time that are innocent because of revenge or ex husband and wives getting back at them coach the kids on what to say.

  10. jonathan askew says:

    dude i with you on that dubuc that justuce system will lock you up for anything all you got to do is say this person did so and so its f*#k upfree my nigga man anyone got something stupid to say keep it to your self cause your not perfect he will beat this its a he sayed she sayed that dumb people now a days and this police force we have need to stop eatting them donuts and get up off there ass and fix up our town instead of beating people and all that bs them doing 2 chain im out!!!

  11. So glad this barbaric thug is off the streets. Can’t wait till they put the play boy on his back. He will be a Christmas package for the dormitory.

  12. Well ain’t read much or even looked back at this shitty posts some of whom have spoke their so called two cents on this dabocatory you call a friend or a man, Me I’m just a person of facts and truth. Yes I too know there’s a such thing as an innocent person and ya thoes who have been locked up under false pretenses, but figure this while you sit there and ramble on about how innocent he is or is not do you cair to educate yourself on the matter NO YOU DON’T you would rather play games and grab ass such as candy crush or put your so called “POST” on Facebook, Twitter or ya Instagram. Get up off your ass and do something productive for society. Can you tell me why this little girl had to see a doctor over twelve times for this shit, ohh ya not to mention the failed polygraph tests by you so called “FREE MAN” sit there and think about this HOW THAT LITTLE INNOCENT GIRL THAT AT THE TIME THOUGHT THIS IS JUST THE WAY LIFE IS AND IS WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN AGAIN AND AGAIN ALSO OF HOW SHE IS GOING TO UNDER OATH MIND YOU YA A LITTLE GIRL WHO HAS YET TO EVEN DISCOVER WHAT A WHITE LIE OR JUST PLAIN OUT LIE IS RELIVE EVERY HEART RENCHING ACCOUNT OF WHAT THIS LEACH SUCKING BURDEN TO SOCIETY HAS DONE TO HER NOT MENTION THE COUNTLESS HOURS SHE HAS TO RELIVE IT OVER AN OVER AN OVER AGAIN WHITH HER PSYCHOLOGIST FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE BUT ME WELL IM AM A TRUE BELIVER THAT IF OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM DONT PREVAIL OUR PRISO SYSTEM WILL WITH THE DEATH PENALTY

  13. Also if you think that well she is no little girl anymore well hell he stole her childhood from her a long time ago that is why for you ignorant people I REPEAT THE LITTLE GIRL SHE AND EVERY OTHER GIRL THAT HAS INDORED SUCH TREATMENT HAS AND FOREVER WILL BE FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES

    • Christine dubuc says:

      It’s not proven he is guilty. Until then save your remarks .he will have his day in court and then we will see.I feel for all little girls sexually abused and I know 1st hand what she is up against however you do not know the situation here.all you have heard are the allegations. Anybody can alledge anything.

  14. This is my ex boyfriend, I was in complete shock. I still can’t believe this.


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