October 5, 2015

Troup Man Charged with Sex Crime

Earnest Dean Reese

Earnest Dean Reese

(Troup County, GA) — According to a press release issued Monday by the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, investigators with the Special Victims Unit arrested Earnest Dean Reese, 54 years of age, of Troup County, Georgia on July 19, 2014.

Investigators charged Reese with one count of Incest, after an investigation revealed that Reese sexually assaulted a 5-year-old child.

Reese in currently in the Troup County jail awaiting a bond hearing.


  1. Joni-Jacobs Cheek says:

    This is the father of my 29 year old daughter and my stepson. This is a bogus charge.This man would never do anything to harm a child. Hell he wouldn’t even spank them or discipline them when they were growing up. I had to. Y’all need to stop this madness. He is a goodhearted kind person. We didn’t have a good marriage but a child molestor he is NOT.

  2. april loner says:

    I dont thank he did that to them….he never miss with me,or my kids…

  3. lady please!! says:

    Joni, you’re unbelievable…of course he never spanked them or disciplined them because he gave his rights up to them so he wouldn’t have to pay child support to you! He never took care of his first child!! When did he become such an angel to you? We all know what gender he prefers anyway, so why are y’all shocked that he molested a MALE child??!! Stop calling kids liars, that’s what is wrong with this world today, women would rather protect the sicko than their own kids!

  4. jennifer says:

    yes he did!! To his own grandson,which is my son.

  5. Joni-Jacobs Cheek says:

    I guess whoever left the lady please message to chicken crap to leave her name. But you are a lying pill popping crackhead. And when you don’t get your way you are just not satisfied until you can totally destroy that person. You know dam well Dean didn’t do that crap. You need to check around your crackhead partner if he has actually been violated. Or maybe your sick ass traded him out for some drugs. How sick are you?
    I could believe that

    • jennnifer says:

      your a nut case,and you dont know what the hell your talking about.

    • There is significant evidence he hurt the child. Said child was examined and interviewed
      He did great harm to an innocent baby who will never be the same.God save our children.

      • I think it’s totally impossible being that the evidince will show that. God help you for trying to put an innocent man behind bars.

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