November 30, 2020

Two Local Schools named 2014 Reward Schools

537663448cafd.image(Atlanta, GA) — Two local elementary schools are listed on the Georgia Department of Education 2014 Reward Schools released yesterday.

The 2014 list of Reward Schools is designated as part of the state’s waiver from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Each Reward School is a Title I school that falls into one of two categories.

Centralhatchee Elementary School is listed as a Highest-Performing School. A Highest-Performing School is among the five percent of the state’s Title I schools with the highest absolute performance, over three years, for the “all students” group on the statewide assessments.

Ephesus Elementary School is listed as a Highest-Progress School. A Highest-Progress School is among the 10 percent of the state’s Title I schools making the most progress in improving the performance of the “all students” group over three years on the statewide assessments.

School may not be classified as a Highest-Performance or Highest-Progress school if it has been identified as a Priority, Focus, or Alert School.

“The schools on this list represent some of the finest efforts being put forth in Georgia education,” State School Superintendent Dr. John Barge said. “The educators, parents, students, and communities who came together to move these schools forward should take great pride in the results.”




  1. Robert Massey says

    I may be a little biased since I once attended Centralhatchee but Ms. Thomas does a wonderful job at the school. The students love her and the staff she has assembled. Ms. Mccrae at Ephesus has also done a wonderful job. Both schools have a right to be proud. R

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