July 23, 2021

Vans Warped Tour 2011


(Written by Haley McKenzie)

Vans Warped Tour came to the Lakewood Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia on August 1, 2011. Being my first concert (and a large, well-known concert at that),  I was extremely excited to be going, especially with my Aunt Kim, cousin Matt Webb, and boyfriend Dylan Lee.

We left for Atlanta at 8am only to stand in line for 2 hours before they even opened the gate. Parking was crazy. Some parking was free and others cost anywhere from $5 to $30.

Since we each brought three cans, we could “Skip-the-line” in front of the mass amount of people that was already in front of us (some of the people in the very front of the line had been there since 4am).

After we turned in our cans, got a free bag each, got all of our things searched for alcohol and weed, and took a picture that could possibly win us a guitar off of Facebook, we made it into the actual concert part of the huge outdoor area.

There were about 7 different stages that the almost 50 bands could perform on. We spent the first part of the day buying souvenirs (which were relatively inexpensive when compared to other costs throughout the day) and preparing to hear Attack, Attack, August Burns Red, and Asking Alexandria which were the first three bands to play on the main stage.

The Attack, Attack and August Burns Red live performances were amazing. There were crowd surfers everywhere, things being thrown through the air, different mosh pits and rings of death forming throughout the massive crowd, and the bands throwing free items to the people towards the front.

We stayed towards the back in most concerts because people seemed to have lost their sense of “the personal bubble” and I am claustrophobic which is not a good combination.

By the time that Asking Alexandria was setting up their equipment, the sun was full blast, it was almost 2:00pm, and I couldn’t stand in the heat for very much longer. Dylan and I had to cross the entire area in order to get to the only place selling food. Just for future reference: NEVER BUY FOOD FROM WARPED TOUR!!!

The price for 2 regular sized bottles of Powerade, three small chicken tenders, and two handfuls of fries was $23. Outrageous, I know, but I was desperate not to pass out. We then found a shady place to eat (which were very rare).

While we were eating, a random person wearing only a Ninja mask and black pants climbed into the tree next to us. A woman then informed us that he had been doing that all day.

There were very strange people at Warped Tour. It is an all day, outdoor concert which usually means that you would dress in light colors and baggy clothes in order to stay cool.

Since it is a rock/alternative/metal concert, wearing flip-flops is unreasonable because you could get stepped on or other random things could happen.

Some girls walked around in bikini tops, tank tops, crop tops, or t-shirts with shorts and tennis shoes, while most guys were wearing board shorts and tennis shoes, with the occasional wife beater or t-shirt.

Then, you had the “dressed to impress” girls that tried to look like runway models instead of concert-goers, the guys that wore ONLY boxers, and the girls walking around in their bras.

There was also a person in a banana suit, the Ninja, a guy with a very weird Leggo-type head thing on, and a guy in a tutu.
One of my favorite bands, The Ready Set, was going to be playing on the only stage with shade and chairs, so we made our way over.

There we heard a very horrible band called Big-D and the Kids Table, a couple of bands that would’ve been decent if they wouldn’t have been so loud that your ears rang afterwards no matter how far away you were from the stage, and the very good Reliant K.

We had a huge snow cone which was definitely big enough to pay $5 for and then heard TRS play, which I had been waiting all day for.

They are definitely very good live, so good that Dylan even had to admit that they sounded okay (a big step for him lol).
Matt wanted to forge the heat to listen to Miss May I, A Day to Remember, and The Devil Wears Prada which were some of the last bands of the day.

By then Matt’s high tech new cell phone told us that the temperature was 103 degrees. People were shooting you randomly with ice cold water guns, but you didn’t care because it was so hot.

Miss May I, a band that I had never heard before, had to have put on the best show of the day. They had huge Miss May I beach balls and did a very large “Marathon of Death” because apparently a circle of death wasn’t enough.

This “Marathon of Death” included about half of the crowd running as quickly as possible through the rest of the crowd and around a couple of tents. It looked awesome, but I personally couldn’t have ran at all in that kind of heat without dropping dead.

The next two bands had decent shows, asking for huge mosh pits and circles of death, however, by that time, I was so disgustingly sweaty, hot, and tired that I just wanted to sit and listen to the music. The heat finally let up when rain clouds began to form.

It started to rain about halfway through the last band of the day, The Devil Wears Prada, which felt amazing after the hot day of listening to some amazing bands, standing for hours, and doing it all while having one of the best days of my life. I definitely enjoyed myself, no matter how sore I will be in the morning.

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    Awesome!! I should have went.. 🙁 haha

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