December 4, 2020

Victim’s Rights Week Blood Drive


Citizens make blood donations during Monday’s event at the Franklin Community Center

(Franklin) — On Monday, District Attorney Pete Skandalakis and his Victim Assistance staff sponsored a Red Cross Blood Drive at the Franklin Community Center to commemorate National Crime Victim’s Rights Week.

The Victim Assistance Program with the District Attorney’s was created to assist innocent victims of violent and personal crime during their involvement in the criminal justice process, and this blood drive during Victim’s Rights Week serves to reach the local community about the importance of victim’s rights.

The District Attorney’s Office would like to thank everyone that came and donated to the Blood Drive.

District Attorney Skandalakis had issued a challenge to all local law enforcement and public service agencies, with a special award for the agency that had the most participants donate.

A special plaque will be presented to the Heard County Sheriff’s Office for having the largest numbers of donors at the Blood Drive.

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