February 27, 2021

Vote Keri Denney for Heard Commission Chair


  1. Concerned Citizen says

    You say you are a leader that will listen. Well I would like to know what are your plans if elected for our Firefighters EMT, Paramedics, Deputies, and even our dispatchers. The turn over rate is horrible. You are always seeing a FF/EMT rookie class being taught, they are always hiring dispatchers, and the Sheriff dept its always a new face every two months it seems. And we all know that the pay is the #1 issue. They are out their putting their lives on the line everything single day and not getting paid nothing making less than $4.00 to $5.00 an hour then surrounding areas. Yes we understand that we have a low call volume more than likely then other counties but that does not make our men and women any different. So if you are elected into office what do you think you can do for them.

    • Keri Denney says

      I am very concerned about the turnover rate, and I do plan to take a hard look at the budget to potentially find ways to be able to be more competitive with compensation and benefits. This is a huge issue, and I am fully aware. I have an 18 year old son and I wouldn’t want him to put his life on the line for what our starting pay is. I don’t have a definitive answer, and won’t until I see complete financials for the county. I can guarantee the county employees are one of my top priorities.

  2. Michelle says

    Do you have plans to help bring broadband internet and cell services to rural areas of Heard County? The shelter-in-place order has put a serious strain on residents that require technology for work and education. I am very grateful that my employer has allowed me to work at home, but I also have 2 children in college. We cannot all be on the satellite internet service at the same time. Broadband Internet has become indispensable both at home as well as in the classroom for students to become prepared to compete in the years ahead. The lack of digital services further impacts families in our community by holding back small businesses, employment opportunities, preventing access to online doctors and economic growth. On April 26, 2019 Gov. Brian Kemp signed legislation giving EMCs in Georgia legal authority to provide broadband services. Is that something being pursued? Internet access is no longer a luxury but rather a need, a utility. If you are elected, what is your plan to bring technology to our county?

    • Keri Denney says

      I am also struggling with internet or should I say the lack of internet options where I live. We have a Verizon MiFi box and it has gotten my son by with his high school classes, but it does not afford me the ability to work from home. I can honestly say this is one of my top priorities. There had been a lot going on at a State level and on the county level as well, but the updates I had been receiving as a district commissioner stopped coming. I know there are several hurdles that exist with finding providers that are willing to come to our area and the means in which to get it here. As far as a plan I intend to engage with our local development authority, state representatives, and internet providers to formulate a workable plan for Heard County. I know in this Covid-19 pandemic all of these key players have seen the definite need for internet/broadband in all of our rural counties around Georgia.

  3. Concerned Citizen says

    Thank you for your concern and I am glad that will a item on your list. Because I am a mother two children and a single mom and working here for the county like I do making what I make after I pay rent and other items. I barely have enough after paychecks. And I make to much for help from the state with my children. And I truly would like to see a pay increase for every first responder. Because even the people that sit in the office over there and the courthouse make more than any of them. And they aren’t out there putting their lives on the line like the men and women who do everyday. Especially with all the Co-19 going on and all the surrounding counties are offering extra pay for their people. I just feel like the county doesn’t care about any of there people and as long as they off the news everything is good. And these deputies that are riding around in the vehicles you see them at their shop or at an auto shop in Franklin more than you do on the road! I mean it is sad that the City of Franklin has better pay, nicer cars, and they know how to treat the community! And the county deputies get paid crap, cars with mileage of god knows what, and lets just say some of them need to think about the way they talk to people!!!

  4. Len Savage says

    Dear candidate Denny,

    I ask boldly that you keep “quality of life” of all Heard county to be a priority should you gain office.

    -We don’t need an ATV park.

    -We don’t need another vacant industrial park.

    -We don’t need to be over budget by how many millions of dollars to repair a courthouse.

    -We don’t need “Round-Up” or whatever herbicide is being sprayed on our road rite of ways poisoning the county and causing erosion because it’s “easier” than mowing.

    We need a leader.

    The office you seek has historically changed the people whom have taken that chair. I warn you; most times not for the better from this observers perspective. Wielding power takes a very special person.

    We have some of the best schools and fire rescue services as I have ever seen. There is so much about Heard County that is wonderful. I do not mean to dwell on sore subjects but we must not ignore them either…

    I love my community and neighbors here. I think that Heard County is served best by keeping government small and accountable to Heard county voters.

    That government should be focused on only one real goal; “The quality of life” of everyone in Heard county.

    Len Savage

    • Keri Denney says

      Mr. Savage,
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. I too believe the quality of life in Heard County is extremely important.
      -As District 2 Commissioner I did look into the ATV park project, and in the end I felt it was not a good fit for our county.
      -As for the Industrial Park I would like to see it occupied by a quality productive industry. I look forward to working with our development authority to achieve this end result.
      -The courthouse project was funded by SPLOST dollars and voted on by the people as opposed to budget dollars.
      -Regarding the spraying of herbicides on our right of ways, sometimes the old fashioned way is the best way. I agree that is true in this case.
      Sadly this office has changed some people. However, my convictions are strong and I am not easily swayed. My heart is to serve this community. I look forward to the opportunity to prove this point.

      Keri Denney

  5. Concerned Citizen says

    My question to you is do you think that you can make Heard county great again? And be able to build it back to up. Am not from here but I have lived here off and on for 5 years now. The county has been ran down nothing is coming to the county the county employees are ignored with concerns they have them and people of the community. I just feel like our opinions no longer matter it’s about what they want not what we want. I would love to see this place grow but I also don’t want to live here or work here anymore because its embarrassing to say am from Heard county and where I work.

    • Keri Denney says

      I am sorry you feel that way. I love Heard County, but I will admit things have fallen short over the past few years. I do intend to make the county employees and their benefits a priority when I am elected. Please help me get in office and give me the opportunity to improve our county.

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