December 3, 2020

Website rates Franklin top 10 in Georgia for starting a small business

(Franklin/ — Some of the biggest businesses in the entire world are headquartered in the state of Georgia: Coca-Cola, Home Depot, UPS, Delta Air Lines, and Aflac are just a few.

​Why is this? Some point to the taxation policy in the Peach State. Many years, Georgians pay a lesser percentage of their income on state and local taxes when compared to the U.S. national average. When it comes to tax burden, Georgia typically ranks on the more favorable side of the spectrum.

The sales tax in Georgia is 4 percent, half of what the sales tax is in most other states. Further, Georgia has no sales tax on products including prescription drugs, certain medical devices, and food items intended for home consumption.

Evidently, Georgia’s tax conditions have created a lucrative environment for many of the biggest businesses on Earth.

But, mega-companies are not the only ones benefitting.

Georgia has become fertile ground for opportunistic small businesses owners across the state. The same environment that has aided big businesses in Georgia has also greatly assisted small businesses in the Peach State.

​But, which specific communities in Georgia have become the very best for starting a small business? Which cities give business owners the chance to pursue a venture while minimizing the need to use small business loans?

Using licensed data, LendEDU gave our best crack at that question and came up with a list of the 100 best towns and cities in Georgia for operating a small business.

Nearly 600 Georgia communities were analyzed according to the following three parameters:

  1. ​Population Score (20%, listed in table as Pop.)

  2. Income Score (40%, listed in table as Income)

  3. Expenses Score (40%, listed in table as Expenses)

Franklin is ranked No. 9 in the state according to the report. To see the entire list and the parameters used in the study click here.


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