January 23, 2022

Westmoreland: I Stand with Israel

(Washington, D.C.) — On July 11, 2014, the U. S. House of Representatives passed H. Res. 657, a resolution condemning the acts of terrorism against Israel by Hamas and pledges support as they defend their Jewish state.

The resolution passed by unanimous consent with Congressman Westmoreland’s full support. Below is Congressman Westmoreland’s statement:

download (6)“The unprovoked acts of terrorism by Hamas and Gaza terrorists against Israel must stop. That’s why I pledged my support for the self-defense of one of our nation’s closest allies: Israel. H. Res. 657 specifically reaffirms the U.S. House of Representatives support for Israel’s right to defend its citizens in order to ensure the survival of the State of Israel, condemns the unprovoked rocket fire at Israel, and calls on Hamas to immediately cease all rocket and other attacks against Israel.”

“Currently, Hamas refuses to agree to a cease-fire and is relentlessly firing rockets at Israel – hurting innocent people, forcing Israel to fight back to protect their civilians. When these terrorists refuse to work with diplomatic solutions, the Israelis have the right to exercise self-defense — that’s why I stand with Israel.”


  1. I would like to make an extensive reply but because of censorship I know it would not be printed. Let just say that this Christian Nation has through proxy and their own efforts murdered millions around the world. The last ten years has been especially horrific in that like Israel we have attacked Nations without even a Military. These so called “Rockets” are crude man made projectiles that are powered by sugar and fertilizer. They have no guidance system and during this conflict have hurt no one. Compare that to a military with the most sophisticated weaponry known to man. It is akin to taking a Shotgun to revenge a spit ball attack. Not to mention the Israelis have been order off this land countless times by the United Nations . In short Israel continues to live lawlessly by any standards and the United States enables it. But we are a Nation that has also murdered millions without cause. Me and my father are war Veterans and I hate to feel this way, but I am ashamed of the cowardly actions of late. Ashamed of our Country’s decisions to attack other countries without Military. And ashamed that they support the slaughter of the Palestinian people. But I am disgusted at bottom feeding Politicians that would use the killing of defenseless women and children to score a Political advantage. We as Christians should be grieving and not pounding our chest.

  2. Not associated with the heard citizen says

    Thank you for your service to our country……but according to NBC and other news sources these rockets are the real deal. Russian design and mostly made in Syria. True they have not guidance system so they are built to kill anyone, not a military target but anywhere they seem to fall. The Israelis are not living lawlessly they are protecting their lands and people. If you chose to fight a war with “spit balls” and your target has shotguns then you deserve what you get.

    What country has the USA attacked that has no military? The only one I can think that would be is Afghanistan. And we didn’t attack that country we attacked the Taliban who was supporting terror groups. I grieve everyday about the killing of defenseless women and children, the Bible is full of the senseless killing. These poor people are caught in the middle of a war where one side has no problem hiding behind these defenseless people. Maybe they should be reading your comments.

  3. Confused says

    If all this killing and war is over a strip of holy land, then let God take care of it. Why should we get involved?

  4. Not associated with the heard citizen says

    How is the US involved other than supplying an ally? There are no US troops on the ground, no planes in the air.

    I’m sure there have been other people through the history of man-kind who have said the same thing about the Nazis or even the British colonist who were seeking to gain independence. If all that killing in what was then the 13 colonies is over a strip of land let God take care of it.

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