September 25, 2021

Where’s the Money?


As you know we will be voting on the splost November 8. I urge everyone to vote against it.

The things the powers to be listed to use the money on are just like the employee handbook they have, it could mean anything to anyone.

The powers to be will use the money how they see fit. If you are ok with letting them use your money, let them raise the taxes.

At least they will have to account for it by voting on what to spend it on. If you vote yes to Splost you are giving the unknown keepers of the money a blank check.

They use fear to make you vote yes. Make the unknown keepers of the money known… vote no to Splost.

If they raise taxes they know we will be watching…and that is what they fear…  vote no!


Thank you for reading this.
Randy Bryan


  1. Randy,
    You are absoltutely right. People really need to know what is going on with their money in this county. The “POWERS TO BE” do spend YOUR money on many things that have nothing to do with runnug a county. People need to open their eyes, and start getting involved with the commissioners affairs. Alot goes on behind the scenes and the commissioners think no one is watching. I have been. I have discovered things that would make most people very angery if they knew the truth. Thus explaning why I was arrested, asulted, and threatened. I took responsability to look after YOUR money, and they have tried every means possible to stop me from expossing them. Keep spreading the word, vote NO on the SPLOST tax this year and ask your commission chair to account for every dime already spent, you’ll be surprized at what you will find!

  2. Here’s the truth for you. Without SPLOST, there would be no firetrucks, ambulances, deputy cars, road resurfacing, new fire stations, road equipment, tractors, firefighters protection gear, new jail, new recreation facilities, arena, as well as computers, software, security systems, and cameras. Facilities and equipment paid for with SPLOST dollars.
    Here’s another truth for you. Isenhower was arrested, tried, and convicted for loitering and criminal trespass on SCHOOL property-how is that in any way connected with Board of Commissioners? It’s not. The Board of Education is a SEPARATE LEGAL ENTITY.
    She has made many accusations-with no proof-just her opinions. She took “responsability to look after YOUR money” but won’t take responsibility for her illegal actions-trespassing and loitering?

    Isn’t that like the fox watching the hen house?

    Can we buy her a dictionary with SPLOST money?

    • Becky,
      I would suggest that you do some “fact” finding before you continue to carelessly throw my name and business around. You obviously have no idea what you are speaking on. Do you even have a clue as to the FACTS surrounding the arrest you seem to harp on? Or are you simply trashing my name in defense of a friend? Do you have a clue as to the FACT that 99% of your “so-called facts” on commissioner Isenhower are FALSE !!!! I suggest you check your facts. A continuation of this could be considered slander. If you care to respectfully ask me any question you have concerning my business or statements I have made about county business, I will be happy to provide you with documentation and FACT!!

      • Respect goes both ways, when you demonstrate some RESPECT for the community in which you live you will be shown RESPECT. You have on several occasions made slanderous comments about the county in which you live and supposedly represent. The front page of the Times Journal in May 2011 carried your trial in great detail along with your picture. If you wanted your “business” kept private, why were you quoted in the article? Tell me what “FACTS” am I missing? Were you not tried and convicted of criminal trespass and loitering? How could stating the TRUTH be slanderous? I have checked my facts and they are correct-and they show you for your true colors!! Just look at the many comments you have made-WITHOUT ONE SHREAD OF CONCRETE PROOF-only your accusations!

  3. Becky, You are right about what the splost do for the county, but you are wrong for the comment you made about buying a dictionary for the commissioner. Maybe you should think before you write a comment about the level of someone education. Everyone miss spell words some of us more than others why not stick to the issue and stop being an internet bully. Yes everybody has an opinion just like everybody has a _______(you seem to be smart fill in the blank).

    • Thank you Trinity,

      Its nice to hear common scense being spoken. I do not understand people who feel as if they need to ridicule a person, and judge so harshly when they have not a clue to what they are talking about. Perhaps they have nothing more constructive to do with their time. I’m sure I miss spell words from time to time, my brain thinks faster than my hands can type. I’m ok with that, If a miss spelt word was punishable by law, we would need to built a very large jail. LOL.

  4. Yes, SPLOST monies pay for alot of needed things in this county. I am all for that. My point is that someone needs to be accounting for the money being spent on “projects”. The SPLOST money could do much more if it were being spent more wisely. I agreed that a new recreation department was nedded, absolutly. What I did not agree with was the 14 million dollar price tag on it, considering the county already owned the land. I feel the design was limited to ball playing only. The design should have offered activities for ALL the people of the county, and the construction phases should have been inspected by someone with an interest in protecting the county. The fact of the matter is that the 14 million dollar facility was built WITHOUT inspections, contractors were paid tens of thousands for work that was not done, and the cost was four times more than it should have been. We can have all the needed equipment, vehicles, etc. to operate this county with the 31 million dollar splost, I would just like to see accountability on the wasteful spending. For those of you who would like to know……I have spent the better part of three years wading through inappropriate spending and looking for truth and accountability. In order to move forward with improvements for this county one must first clean up the waste.

    • The county held several meetings to discuss the facilities. Were you in attendance at this meetings? Assuming you were, what sports did you suggest that were not planned for? Did you present alternatives to the plan? What are your qualifications? Are you an architect, engineer, builder, HVAC specialist, plumber, electrician? What did you base “your” costs on? You have presented no evidence to support your claim AGAIN only innuendo and speculation.

      I agree with “one must first clean up the waste”-let’s start by cleaning house for District 1!!!

  5. Ms.Isenhower

    Would you please not participate in this back and forth with this person,because she seem to be a #2 starter. I am not saying to stop doing what you are doing, but when you have a person like that continue to stir up things they get crazy. Just as I believe this person is a bully and hide behind a phone or a computer let her say whatever because no one person can argue with themselves unless she is really really crazy. I believe in speaking my mind as well, but I do not believe in bringing myself down to this fool level. This lady may have more issues than you think.

  6. It is my opinion that the politics are like every other county. You only find out what they want you to know and if you cross them they will come down on you. If you are not in the ClIcK then your opinion on anything does not matter.

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