July 24, 2021

Youth Football Players Go Pink to Honor Cancer Survivor

Tyler Batchelor, Austin Quillen, Dekari Brewer, and A.J. Head

It is not customary in today’s society to see 11-12 year old boys voluntarily wearing the color pink. In fact, it’s quite unusual to say the least.

One young man, however, 11-year old A.J. Head recently decided to change that in order to honor his great-grandmother 91-year old Ms. Candacy Rachels, a breast cancer survivor.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 84 but after a mastectomy she was able to make a full recovery and A.J. wanted to show his support for her.

After A.J. decided to wear the pink, some of his teammates also decided to get involved and wear some of their own pink. The boys figured it was the least they could do to support one of their biggest fans.

You see Ms. Candacy  is as big of a supporter of these boys as they are of her. Despite her advanced age and being confined to a wheelchair at the ball fields, she rarely misses any of A.J.’s football or baseball games.

She even made a long trip to south Georgia last spring to see the state baseball play-offs that both A.J. and her other great grandson Gaylon competed in.

So if you have attended some youth football games recently at the Sports Complex and wondered to yourself , “hey what’s up with the pink chin-straps, socks, mouthpieces, and armbands?” then now you know. Great job A.J. !!!

A.J. Head with his great-grandmother Ms. Candacy Rachels, a 91-year old breast cancer survivor


  1. Great article Russ ..!!

  2. Rhiannon Chandler says

    WOW!!! What a great story!! Those are some fine young men we have in Heard Co. Makes me proud as i’m sure their parents are too!!!


  4. Angie Holley says

    Great story!! I have been to the games but had no idea why the boys were wearing pink, I think it is a great thing that they are doing maybe more will get involved!!!

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