December 4, 2021

1968 graduate reunited with lost class ring after 50 years

Susan Crockett Jacks (R) received a priceless 50-year-old heirloom Saturday from HCHS Principal Brent Tisdale

(Franklin, GA) — A 1968 graduate of Heard County High School had almost forgotten about her senior class ring after not seeing it for almost 50 years until a good samaritan and social media helped her reunite with the priceless lost memento this week.

As it turns out, Susan Jacks (maiden name Crockett) had lost the ring while playing in a softball tournament in Dalton, GA in 1969 and the ring was found by someone with no idea of who it might belong to.

A carpet mill employee softball player from the area named Marvin L. Reed found the ring at the fields and held on to it until his passing about 13 years ago.

His wife of 50 plus years, Mrs. Judy Reed, recently reached out to Heard High Principal Brent Tisdale via the school’s facebook page in hopes of locating the ring’s owner.

Judy’s interest in finding the owner was renewed recently as she was going through some old photos.

“I’m so happy that I finally found her,” said Reed in a phone interview Saturday evening. “About five years ago I had put it up on my facebook page but had no luck — but this time I thought about contacting the school’s site.”

Reed says that she and her husband had tried several times over the years but with no luck in finding the ring’s owner.

Susan Crockett Jacks proudly displays her newly recovered Class Ring

Judy and Susan connected with each other earlier this week and they hope to meet in person soon to talk about the unique situation with the ring.

“I talked to her this week and told her if she is ever in my area I want her to come by and see my hairdressing shop,” says Judy.

Susan plans to take her up on the offer and as it turns out they both live in the North Georgia/Chattanooga area.

Fittingly, the ring was given to Susan by Mr. Tisdale at the Heard County Class of 1968 Reunion Saturday at Heard High.

The reunion had been planned for several weeks and Susan was thankful to be able to share the awesome moment with some of her former classmates especially since it was her 50th Reunion.

“This is just phenomenal — it had been so long I had not thought a thing in the world about it. It is just so awesome and so neat to be able to get this especially today — I am going to wear it always,” exclaimed Susan after receiving the ring.

Mr. Tisdale went above and beyond to make sure the ring got back to Susan meeting Judy in person at a Chattanooga restaurant last weekend to pick up the special ring. He spoke to those attending the reunion and shared the ring’s before the presentation.

“We posted the photo with the initials ‘M.S.C.’ and within two hours our phone was ringing,” said Principal Tisdale.

Tisdale also had Susan take part in an impromptu ‘ring ceremony’ — a current tradition at the school where juniors first receive their new rings.

Former Heard Superintendent Jerry Prince was the first to correctly identify Susan as the owner of the ring. Current Franklin Mayor Joel Rogers, also a member of the Class of 1968, gave reunion goers a tour of the new high school.

The reunion was attended by about 20 former graduates who reminisced and caught up with one another for the first time in 25 years.

Judy Reed with Principal Tisdale in Chattanooga last weekend

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