December 4, 2021

72-year-old man charged with child molestation

Randy Virgil Baron (Photo: HCSO)

(Franklin, GA) — A local man is facing several charges following an alleged incident involving a minor female in Heard County.

72-year-old Randy Virgil Baron was arrested by local authorities on January 22 and is charged with charged with Child Molestation, Sexual Battery, and 1st Degree Cruelty to Children.

According to Heard County investigator Sgt. Dan Boswell, the allegations included inappropriate touching of the minor female earlier this year.

He was released from the Heard County jail on a $30,000 bond on Monday, January 28.


  1. Sandra Michelle Sartain says

    What has our society come to? The only thing that separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom is self control and the ability to control urges…. Even though some of these so-called humans have these sick repulsive urges, they are supposed to be able to control them at least.
    So this is a true indicator that they are a complete animal and should be caged as such for the rest of their lives. There is no way to reform predators, psychopaths, sociopaths or narcissists.

  2. Alicia McClain says

    Well, if the death penalty was utilized and not housing severe criminals for years upon years giving them all the comforts outside of jail except freedom, as well as, bringing God back into our society instead of forcing him out, I’d think we would see a different USA.

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