December 6, 2021

Alabama back-to-school sales tax holiday this weekend

(State of Alabama) — Alabama’s 13th annual sales tax holiday is this weekend.

From 12:01 AM CST/1:01 AM EST Friday through midnight Sunday, (July 20-22, 2018), shoppers will have the opportunity to buy certain school supplies, computers and clothing, free of state sales tax.

Local sales tax may apply and there are restrictions on what is included.

Georgia last held a tax holiday in 2016, but Georgia state lawmakers failed to pass legislation in 2017 and again this year to make the event happen.

More than 300 cities and counties throughout Alabama waive their local taxes as well.

According to the Randolph Leader, these include Randolph County, Roanoke, Wadley and Wedowee, meaning no tax will be charged on purchases at those neighboring municipalities this weekend.

The primary rules for the Alabama sales tax holiday, according the state’s Department of Revenue, include breaks on clothing, computers, software, school and art supplies, and instructional material such as textbooks, maps and globes.

There are price limits on the tax-free items in Alabama. For clothing, it is $100 per item, while a single purchase maximum of $750 is allowed for computers and accessories.

School supplies such as book bags and writing tablets are capped at $50 per item, while “required textbooks” must be at least $30 and less than $50 each.

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