September 27, 2020

American Cancer Society seeks Volunteer Drivers

(Atlanta, GA) — The American Cancer Society is in need of volunteer drivers to support the Road To Recovery program, which provides cancer patients with free rides to treatment.

An estimated 56,920 Georgia residents will be diagnosed with cancer this year, and getting to treatment will be their biggest roadblock.

To ensure patients get the critical care they need without additional stress, the Road To Recovery program can help provide free transportation to and from treatment for cancer patients who do not have a ride or are unable to drive themselves.

“Many patients don’t own a vehicle, can’t afford the extra gas, or don’t have access to public transportation. Some patients may be elderly and unable to drive, too ill to drive, or don’t have family or friends who are able to provide regular assistance with transportation,” says Pam Ashman, Road To Recovery program manager for the American Cancer Society. “Even the best treatment can’t work if a patient can’t get there.”

The Road To Recovery program provides transportation options for patients in these situations and is in need of drivers throughout Georgia. Volunteer drivers donate their time and the use of their vehicle so patients can receive the cancer-related treatments they need. Drivers also provide encouragement and support.

“The American Cancer Society has nearly 10,000 Road To Recovery drivers nationally, but the number of requests outweigh the number of volunteers able to provide rides,” Ashman says. “Due to the lack of drivers, these transportation needs can go unmet in many communities, especially rural areas.”

The American Cancer Society screens and trains all volunteer drivers and coordinates the rides for patients. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license, good driving record, access to a safe and reliable vehicle, computer access, and proof of car insurance.

For information about the Road To Recovery program, call 1-800-227-2345 or visit

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