November 27, 2021

Another strong graduation rate at HCHS

(Franklin, GA) — Heard County High School’s graduation rate has hit another stellar mark.

Just one year after the HHS Class of 2017 graduated at an all-time high rate of 93.5 percent, the Class of 2018 again scored a high rate at 91.0 percent.

Heard County School Superintendent Rodney Kay says that he is pleased with another strong graduation rate but thinks even more can be done to assure success for Brave graduates once they leave the school system.

“Congrats to Heard High, but now the real work begins. Where are they now? Employed? Enrolled? Enlisted? Wherever they are the answer should equal 100 percent of our graduates falling into one of those three categories,” says Superintendent Kay.

“Time for new goals for us. If graduation rates are so high then what is happening to our kids when they leave us? College isn’t for everyone, military isn’t for everyone, some need training before employment — so the new question is what is our role? The guidance counselor many of us depended on 20 or 30 years ago has become a mental health specialist in many instances who is responsible for 600-650 students. The old phrase “destination graduation” shouldn’t be enough anymore. Proud of the work we’re all doing, but I feel like more can be done,” Kay added.

Kay says his thoughts are not a criticism of our current system — he just think it is time for a new way of thinking.

” My thoughts are not a knock or criticism on our school system. We are absolutely doing what we’ve been charged to do and we’re doing it well — it’s just time for a new mindset. What if there was someone whose sole job was to assist high school graduates with enrollment, enlistment, and employment? And what percent would we be proud of for those three categories in Heard County?”

Georgia’s high school graduation rate increased again in 2018, rising to 81.6 percent from 80.6 percent in 2017.

This is an all-time high for Georgia’s graduation rate since the state began using the adjusted cohort calculation now required by federal law. Seventy-four Georgia school districts recorded 2018 graduation rates at or above 90 percent.

“Georgia’s graduation rate continues to rise because our public-school students have access to more opportunities than ever before,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said.

“From Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education to dual enrollment to the fine arts, there is an unprecedented emphasis on supporting the whole child and making sure every single student understands the relevance of what they’re learning. I’m confident we’ll continue to see these gains as long as we’re still expanding opportunities that keep students invested in their education.”

Georgia calculates a four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate as required by federal law. This rate is the number of students who graduate in four years with a regular high school diploma divided by the number of students who form the adjusted cohort for the graduating class.

From the beginning of ninth grade, students who are entering that grade for the first time form a cohort that is subsequently “adjusted” by adding any students who transfer into the cohort during the next three years, and subtracting any students who transfer out.

While all states use the same calculation, each state sets its own requirements for students to earn a regular high school diploma. Georgia has some of the highest requirements in the nation for students to graduate with a regular diploma.

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